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Fiverr is extremely slow

I don’t know why but Fiverr is extremely Slow, just to load a page it takes an eternity. I have good internet connection and other websites load fast. BUt fiverr is very slow.
please how can I go around this problem

It works fine at my location. :thinking:

Yeah, no issues over here. You should check your connection.

Working fine here.

Using VPN by any chance? If yes, try using fiverr without it.

Try using google as proxy server. Sometimes local proxy servers don’t work well with some websites. Or may be, It is really in trend these days.

Clear Browser cache and Retry Again

thanks guys, I’ll do as you say.
but my internet is good and I mean the Fiverr platform itself especially when I tried creating gigs. I don’t mean this forum. here it loads prety fast

I just edited one of my gigs and it was not slow.:thinking:

It was slow for me as well when I was browsing with chrome then I changed my browser and it’s working smoothly

hi had some issue it look like the download did not like chrome
tryed microsoft edge/ explorer and had it done is a few minutes

You are responding to a post that is two years old.

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why this post is going up now?

I was experiencing the same thing.
I was using firefox and changed to Google Chrome. Somehow this solved it for me.