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Fiverr is Fever for sellers

Its been one month since starting my sells in Fiverr website, I like this website so much compare to other websites because tremendous success of my business in fiverr website.

Fiverr website made this possible. My 90% revenue came from fiverr website.
I tell you why its because fiverr website rules like if you get lower ratings from your customers you can’t post offer in buyer request section. This rule made us to work hard and give better quality to customers and earn 5 star reviews. Then your business automatically start growing after you get good ratings and customers will start looking for you.

Buyer request section help us to find customers and we can boost our sales by sending offers and get views for our gigs.

When your ratings increase your gig page views increases because your gigs will get promoted in fiverr search engine.

so why i said Fiverr is Fever for sellers is because its fever for seller to get higher ratings by providing good services and you have to struggle, hustle for it and never give up and if your get lower ratings your gigs views and orders start dropping gradually.

. This is good for both seller and customer. So fiverr satisfies both of them.

After getting ratings, your sells will be sky rocketed.

Just follow the fiverr rules and you will be successful seller.

how does it work. cos i have been on fiverr for the 3rd week now and nothing has worked out yet

create a awesome gig, describe your service and put photos related to your service and start responding and submit your offers to your customers in “buyer request” section.

totally agree with you , nice post :slight_smile:

thank you