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Fiverr is filled with unprofessional character modelers!

Why is Fiverr filled with so many unprofessional character modelers? I have been looking for hours to find someone that make actually good character models and it’s not only that but the way they talk is just not making me feel right… They talk unprofessional too and are way overpriced for what they offer which is ridiculous, i am as professional as possible giving all the information and such and all i get is a simple ‘hi’ and after that they directly ask my offer. Such a bad way to communicate and i had this issue with many modelers before i closed my previous account because i thought i wouldn’t try here anymore but decided to give it a go one more time. Looks like i’m about to close my account again and look somewhere else to find cheaper and more professional alternatives. But before that i want to leave this here maybe some people who do are professional can give me some tips or even help me out. (I don’t say Fiverr is a bad platform! I only talk from the 3D character model category!)



The reason why Fiverr is filled with sellers who are unprofessional is they do not screen sellers - anyone can set up a Gig and state they have years of experience or that they can do this or that. As you have experienced, when you message them, they are quick to close a deal rather than understand what it is you need.

If you are only seeking out sellers charging $5 more often than not, your experience will not be a pleasant one. Yes, I am sure there are a few who can actually do the work and charge pennies on the dollar, but the majority are exactly as you have found. Unprofessional.



What price range and quality are you looking for ? I have seen few really good character modellers top sellers here. They usually charging for an only 500$ which is cheapest price I have seen for that quality. Some professionals usually make their availability only during work hours. So they can’t be searched during weekends. With rig-able, clean topology you should expect double the price.

500 dollars is too much, heck there are even sellers asking 3.000 dollars thats insane for just a bunch of pixels! I contacted many character modelers on ArtStation who work at game companies and they ask way less than the ones who ask 500 or above.

Have you tried looking for Sellers who are rated as “Top Rated Sellers?”

Those are essentially the cream of the crop.

Also keep in mind, if your budget is $25 or $250, you will likely get your money’s worth on Fiverr.

That is to say, spend $25 and you might get something reasonable.

Spend $250 and you should be pleased.

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Actually many of similar kind person available, who talk unprofessional and rubbish. Fiverr should delete such fake profiles who doesn’t even know how to give respect to a seller. Try to ignore such people.

This is the case in pretty much every category. The “new” algorithm greatly prioritizes unverified sellers, while hiding gigs that are known to be loved by many. So using the default sorting is a bad idea if you want to find a professional who you know can deliver what you wanted to get.

So it’s important to look for gigs that have a LOT of reviews and a good overall rating. Sadly it usually takes some searching these days, so have to go beyond page 5 often. And in many cases the cost of the service also affects the quality. A $5 service might give you a very basic service, for example, but a $50 one might be premium quality.

I’m looking for a 70/100 dollar job for one character but i only find too good to be true modelers or even ones that ask 3.000 dollar which is above insane.

I will admit, my professionalism and dialect change for each client. If someone comes to me with slang and improper grammar, I return it. If someone comes with a professional description as you do, I most certainly will respond in the same way. Some other things I do are small reigonal dialects. I’ve experimented with it, and I have a higher chance of getting orders from the UK and Austrailia if I address them as “mate.” It’s actually quite amusing at times.