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Fiverr is full of stupid buyers

Fiverr has a lot of stupid buyers who can’t even read the gig description before ordering. I have clearly stated in my gig to message before placing an order. But, still buyers out there simply place orders and believe me, some want an entire app done for a gig(I have programming gigs). In the end if we cancel for a mistake that the buyer has done the seller has to pay by his rating or cancellation ratio. What in the world is such a biased platform? Many buyers on fiverr a exploiting sellers because the platform is highly favorable to a buyer. Even the rating we sellers give to a buyer is not shown anywhere.

flaviav said: Be kind and you'll win every time

That's a nice sentiment and something everyone should aspire to - in real life, but too much kindness in business, and especially in a platform like Fiverr will most often lead to being taken advantage of, accidentally or intentionally.

Yes, be kind, but always respect your time and make sure others do as well. :)
amalfra said: because the platform is highly favorable to a buyer.
Of course it is! The buyers are the ones who pay Fiverr their commissions.

It's your job as a seller to make sure that what you offer is worth your time and that buyers know exactly what they are getting before they order. Yes, there will be buyers who don't read or who scam, but it's your responsibility to make your work fit the Fiverr platform. As just about everyone who has commented has pointed out, you have to provide something for $5 and you are not allowed to mislead buyers with the title.

Best of luck to you.
amalfra said: Even the rating we sellers give to a buyer is not shown anywhere.

Buyer ratings show up on the new profile pages. So if a buy is a scoundrel and you review him saying so, other sellers can now see that right on their profile page. A great improvement, I think.

But, yes, by the rules of the site, the title of your gig is supposed to be "I will
for $5." and right now you aren't selling anything for five bucks. The way your gigs are set up, it sounds like you are saying "I will do any HTML5 work.." for $5. Stating in your gig description that for five bucks all they get is maybe a flowchart for the app might be a help.

I’ve just had a quick look through all your gigs & nowhere does it state exactly what you will do for $5

You must have a basic $5 offering for every gig. When you say “I will do any kind of mobile app development work using the PhoneGap framework”, a buyer can reasonably expect you to develop them an entire app for $5, regardless of whether or not you ask them to contact you first.

Try to be more specific in your description. If, for example, a typical app takes 6 hours to create and you want to earn $8 per hour, say that an app usually costs upwards of $60 and that any buyer should contact you for a custom price quote before ordering. Just don’t forget that you MUST offer something for $5.

One time a buyer asked me to get a green screen for my testimonial gig, when I explained I didn’t have one, he said “Give me my money back!” “Scam Artist!” It was really funny.

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Reply to @rose_writer: I have that issue every now and then… but instead of cancelling it or just rewriting it, I message the buyer and let them know that I appreciate their order but that I need to bring something to their attention. Most buyers apologize and order the additional gigs or just ask me to rewrite to my maximum amount, cutting out the jargon.

For me, it’s not annoying… just a part of business.

@rose_writer you got to live with that or stop using this platform which highly favors buyers. Even the reviews given by seller to buyer are not shown anywhere. A buyer can easily exploit a seller.

Some buyers don’t read gig descriptions. I have had some many buyers placing orders for my article rewriting gig and providing me above 1000 word article to rewrite. My gig says 500 word but no they did see that. Somethings I cancel the order and somethings I had to do it. It’s really annoying.

Indeed, many buyers don’t read descriptions, but that doesn’t mean you have to go and call everyone stupid. Imagine if you were a buyer and didn’t pay attention to the entire gig, that could happen to the best of us… How would you feel? I get that it could be frustrating and we have to watch out for cancelations but be patient, maybe try a mutual cancelation and bold and highlight your description.

Be kind and you’ll win every time :slight_smile: