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Fiverr Is Getting Unfair!

A buyer placed 4 orders and then he message that the orders were placed by mistake and he offers cancellation . after that i mutually cancelled all orders and returned him his money . and the next day my ratings were down to 90% . I contacted CS and provided them Screenshot of Buyer Conversation But They Refused . Nowww What and Where was My Fault In That ?? Amm To sad About it :pensive:

Sometimes I feel that some buyers are out to destroy us. I got 2 cancellation from 2 different buyers at the same time. Then another one a few hours later, they all stated that they ordered by mistake. Who orders by mistake? Even though cs says the rating won’t affect you, I highly doubt it. Mine is at 75% now


Now they do affect you. :neutral_face:
See the updated article (Evaluation section):

sure, what can you do to explain to those fake buyers that they should not cancel their orders if they send a cancellation request for making “mistakes”.

What can I do?


exactly, you can do nothing and fiverr is not bothered with this

you should agree with your client. So cancel those order . It’s really disappointed :expressionless::disappointed:

Well, let me tell you a little story about my CS oddyssy today in which I discovered that Fiverr will now not remove reviews based on bad behavior outlined in the TOS–they do so via feedback policy violations in a document that does not exist!

It seems that if buyers become abusive/difficult, you need to cancel the order if you wish to avoid the bad review (of course, you will get the ding). But when it comes to the actual review, they will need to violate a policy that they do not have written down. Instead, it’s a case by case review without any particular guidelines that anyone has to hand to dispute it. And no, the TOS does not refer to this. I went through it all quite specifically with the CS rep.

True story! I spoke at great length with one of the lead CS people about it. I told CS that they really needed to put a policy page up on this stat, and they are looking into it.

Unfair or not, that’s the way dem cakes are fallin’ these days.


I remember when Fiverr was super understanding about reviews. If a buyer left a review that was false, rude, or the buyer gave permission to remove it, Fiverr would agree to it without any trouble. I have noticed that Fiverr is very strict with the review policy now, but what is the motivation behind this? Are they ENCOURAGING negative feedback? Or are they receiving a ton of requests and are are just swifting through the requests quickly?

I noticed a very big decrease in my sales after my first negative feedback (in which the buyer agreed to remove but Fiverr did not approve so)
But the thing is, people will look at our reviews, decide not to buy our gig, and will go onto another website.
Fiverr should be ENCOURAGING positive reviews if anything. Sure you will get those "sly’ sellers who will BS their way to get their negative review off, but still: sales for seller = more money for Fiverr.


Either way, buyers are wising up to this. I suggest you check my latest review (I’ve posted an imgur response) to see an old trick which I now understand to be a lot more effective with this new policy and lack of protection. I’m guessing the motivation is the frequent complaints on those review a website sites that Fiverr’s reviews are fake. Nothing much to do but ride the wave and decide what’s more important to you. I didn’t put a foot wrong here: it’s the system that’s changed, and there’s no information about it in the TOS or anywhere, unless you read very closely into the fine print and talk (politely!) to a CS rep about this and throw the book at them. Ultimately, I got the impression that their hands are tied too.

Never mind. Let’s all eat coffee and follow through! Hopefully this will quickly weed out shit buyers/sellers and we can go back to normal, particularly with other measures being introduced that raise the barrier to entry somewhat (e.g. phone verification). As for me? That 1-star review isn’t worth the $8–I took a gamble and lost based on information that is not publicized anywhere on the site. It happens. L O L?

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Just a Curious :smiley_cat:
Very interesting… So, this policy is hidden, a gray area which the reps hands are tied. It would be beneficial if we knew what we’re up against. But, then again it reminds me of the Chronicles of Narnia. The fantasy world of Fiverr, mythical policies beasts etc… We need Aslan to make sense of this.

More details in Et Tu Brute, then!

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I like how you reply to the reviews with concrete proof that they’re just a crap buyer. As a buyer, if I was looking at your services and went through those reviews. I would be more likely to use your services as the reviews simply feel more credible to me. Just my two cents.

Thank you. I only use Imgur with people who deserve it.

WOW, just got done reading the fiasco you had to deal with. :hushed: I mean you bent over backward trying to please this guy, plus you were kind enough to rewrite the piece. He still wasn’t happy! The line about working with TOP copywriters on Fiverr had me puzzled, then why didn’t he revisit them is strange. Glancing over everything, one would think it was a $100 order, but it was only $10. I sense he just wanted a refund from jump street, maybe this is his clever way to get a test drive from multiple sellers. :thinking: He should consider hiring a Marvel copywriter for a “Brand Hero” piece, tsk, tsk, tsk.

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Possible. All I know is $5/$10 buyers create ALL my problems. I doubt that he seriously worked with other “top copywriters” on Fiverr, as his brief was frickin’ atrocious: nothing about the product at all!


I like feeling supported as a seller should there be a problem.
I’ve always had that feeling. There was support offered freely so that it was clear that my efforts to be a great seller were appreciated, and the occasional problems that came along were something I could get help with.

Maybe all the bad sellers who refunded quickly at the first complaint spoiled it for the rest of us.

Fiverr does have an image problem with reviews so I can understand the crackdown. That said, I think the pendulum may have swung too far the other way. I really think the best any seller can do is to do their best (obviously), stay cool when faced by interesting clients and petition CS when it all goes pear-shaped. Then slash them up with an Imgur review if they misrepresent everything and CS can’t remove it due to a rigid respect of buyers being allowed to share their experience, even if the review isn’t fair.

Still, I don’t think it will fix their image problem… just antagonize a lot of otherwise good sellers who feel unsupported in a situation where the TOS is being breached yet nothing can be done due to a wisp of a policy that doesn’t exist in the written form.

As I argued elsewhere on the forum a few days ago, the TOS is there to protect us all, and give us a written guide of conduct, as well as holding Fiverr accountable to sticking to that conduct when making decisions. If CS is now acting on something that’s not written, well, that’s dubious at best. It’s quicksand.

I told CS that BTW, and they said they’d pass it onto whoever does the writing of the help center/policy pages. Everyone who runs across the same issue I have should also make the same case.

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In this sales business we are in, not enough is said about the importance of seller morale.

Seller morale and feeling part of a coherent team that is supportive of one another is a main aspect of creating a sales force that gets the job done.

And we look to customer support to be the leader of our team. They need to be there for us-- helping us.

You can literally look to seller morale and support to see if a sales team is going to be successful or not.

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I have a high cancellation rate. Why? Because I’m a reputable and ethical seller, and I’m pretty certain that’s my problem :slight_smile:

I do spokesperson videos, and about a year ago, Fiverr decided to merge the spokesperson category with the “video testimonial” category. Since then, this has just gotten worse. For reference, I have ethical objections to producing fake testimonials for cash. Apparently, I’m in the minority of video creators.

Many of the messages I get, and most cancellations I initiate relate to people asking me to commit fraud. Pure and simple. It is out of control. People will place an order and ask me to lie for them on camera. Most notably, pretending to be the CEO of a fake company for crowdfunding, cancer cures, get rich quick and retirement scams, you name it. I had one guy ask me for my photo and family pictures so that he could create a false bio. Another buyer said that I was what’s wrong with America. That I should just do as I’m told, and that, as a seller, I don’t have the luxury to say no. And to think that I could be penalized in my rankings because I don’t accommodate these requests simply doesn’t seem right.

Now, I’ve had to lower my rates for the first time in over 2 years to grab what few scraps I can. And given that I refuse to produce false testimonials for money, my cancellation rate will remain high as my placement continues to tank. Talking about a hit to a sellers morale! I have to accept that if Fiverr’s claims are correct, that if cancellations do affect rankings, I’d have to violate my own ethics to protect my rankings. I do hope that there’s another reason, because that’s not going to happen.

Oh, I should mention, I have over two thousand positive reviews and maintain a 100% rating on Fiverr. It’s not like I’ve dropped due to poor ratings.

Okay, rant over.