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Fiverr is Giving Chance to New Seller? Is it?

From last few days, A lot of seller complaining about that, Their gig is gone from top of the search or Not getting any new order. Or they are not getting request as like before they were having.

When they contacted the CS they said their gig got disappeared from the search for few days and Top 2 pages is filled with new seller GIG.

I think this is good initiative from Fiverr Support. In this Covid situation a lot of people lost their job and They are trying to do something in this platform. That means if they want to earn something from here, either they have to compete with those top seller{Which will take huge time} or CS will do something.


I don’t believe it as the usual people are still on the first page.

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We all started out as new sellers, find a way to make it work. Even if Fiverr gives a short boost to new seller, you still need to make sure you have a well organized gig that people find attractive. In the end, if Fiverr helps “trash” make it to the first page, it will reflect badly on the site all together.


You can check forum…A lot of people creating topic…Their top selling got behind due to inconvenient reason.

I am just giving my opinion …

And I’m doing the same. Have a good day.


I agree with you fully.

Anyway it’s not an initiative by any means, it has always been like that.

FWIW, Fiverr support… supports. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I doubt they have anything to do with the algorithm.

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Thats Pretty convenient weird way