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Fiverr is having a problem with understanding my service type and its requirements

I have been renderning my services for various clients all over the globe since 6 months. My gig is tittled as “I will coach, manage and build amazon business for you”.
I am a Level 1 seller right now. just in a postion to grab level 2 badge. I have completed over 20 orders till now, with all 5 star ratings. I am doing an incredible job over here on fiverr and providing solutions to many of clients overall. I always exceed my customers expectectation and that’s why they are with me on repeatidly motion.

Now the problem is

For giving my services, i need my clients to give me the access in their amazon seller central by making a child account for me on Amazon, so i can perform my task and for this, They need my Email address to add me in their seller central.
Now fiverr thinks that, as i have provided my email to them, i am asking them to communicate with me on offsite platfrom. But this is not truth. I asking my buyers to assign me roles on amazon through given email address with step to step guide, and i am asking all this in directly “GIG REQUIREMENTS” Section. I am doing nothing wrong.

I have completed my order’s and did much earning for fiverr. I have never asked my clients to pay me outside fiverr. Fiverr can check in detail.

THIS IS THE BUG. The FIverr have to change its check on balance system, its outdated. FIverr has to update its AI System. The tracking should not be on the base of single word keyword but in the 2-3 keywords phrase based.

I demand Fiverr to accept and approve my gig. Or fiverr proves me that i have contacted any seller or took away the client from this platform. Instead, I feel more secure on this platform.

This is the demand of the TOP RATED SELLER and you have to do things right. I am also going to run a trend on twitter about #FIverr.

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Err, ok.

Best not to demand anything.

Good luck with this one. :man_facepalming:

All you had to do when building your gig was contact customer support and ask their permission to ask your buyers for their email address. That’s it. Fiverr would most likely have allowed your request and flagged your account as such.

That’s all you had to do.


You’re not really in the position to demand anything , best thing is to follow the rules and just contact support if you need to provide an email to your customers although I am not sure that services that require personal info such as emails , numbers and so on are still allowed ( I might be wrong )

Not sure what Top rated seller are you talking about , you have your account since July…

  • Also in the screenshot you provided the usernames of your clients are visible,that’s against the forum rules

Yikes :grimacing:.
If they have to create a “child” account for you it means that there is a misrepresentation and amazon doesn’t allow you to perform your services if you have to lie and present yourself as your customers “child”.
I’m not familiar with your “service” but it sounds you might be breaking Amazons TOS and therefore fiverr’s TOS

You sound confused. Is this the demand of the Top rated seller or is it the demand or the level 1 seller?

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