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Fiverr is Hiring!


Looks like they need people to fix the site (obviously). Maybe they should run an ad on some other platforms since no one on here knows what to do. :))


Wonderful! Business seems to improve can only mean great things for the Fiverr community in the future :slight_smile:

kjblynx said: They have been hiring for quite some time. The annoying thing is that most of the work they need done (developers and customer service reps) can be done from a home office (virtually) yet they require you to be in one of their offices.
Oh, they're just one of those modern companies, they just want to sit in an Ikea'd office drinking lattes and talking about how hipster-tastic this being able make money off of others' desperation is. It seems so humane compared to the old days.

It's exactly the same as the old days, the only difference is instead of a mahogany table in a marble clad room, the bosses sit in knock-off, retro Bauhaus chairs and look at sustainably-harvested bamboo paneling. Most of 'em even have the same facial hair as the Victorians. ;)