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Fiverr Is Illegally Asking For Social Media Account and Educational Certificates?


Hello guys,

Don’t anyone of you think this is privacy invasion or even illegal that Fiverr is asking users to produce their social media and educational certificates in order to become a seller?


They’re not actually asking you to provide these, just to list what you might have.

Once you’ve got to 70% by adding the details they’ve asked for, you can start selling. If you don’t want to then I’m sure that’s fine as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

In terms of social media accounts, I only had to link 1 account to get to the percentage needed.


I asked them if it is mandatory and they said it is mandatory to have all of them.
Check this attachment.


Unless it’s changed in the last few weeks, you only need to get to 70%, which means you don’t have to put everything in.

If you’re not happy about it, then don’t do it - it’s entirely your choice.


I don’t think so.
I just add one of my social media link.
(This is my own opinion)


They why would they say it’s mandatory? Aren’t they following their own rules?

Did you notice they said “You must fill our every requirement” which obviously implies every input is must and should?


I think this is worst than facebook privacy invasions. Asking for Educational Certificates is unacceptable thing that anybody could do.


Why don’t you go back to where you have to fill in your information, and check again as to what percentage is needed before it’ll let you finish and mark it as complete?

Again, they’re not asking for certificates. They’re asking you to input courses etc. you’ve done - you don’t have to provide any paper certificates etc.


You can input degrees and certifications, and they have the right to ask for verification of that, but I don’t think it’s required to begin selling. I have no degrees or social media connected and had no issue getting set up.


Looks please, its a world wide professionals platform. To be a professional you need some quality. A certificate represent ones quality. Nothing else. I’ve only basic certificate. So what. I’m doing my job here.
And social media only for marketing your service with your known ones or announce them that you are doing this kind of work. If they need this type of work, may they knock you. It also true that, We get some order form the social media marketing.