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Fiverr is just a joke

Imagine working hard for straight 3 days and putting your time and efforts, and then the buyer comes to you and makes up a story says that they wanted “something” that wasn’t even discussed before starting the order.

Then you explain everything to them for another 2 days that you did everything right and what they want isn’t even part of your job.

You even try so hard to resolve the issue and they threaten you that they will contact customer support, which they do eventually because they won’t listen to your explanation.

Then, out of nowhere, Fiverr just cancels your order.

Sounds like a terrible story? It’s true. Everything I said happened to me.

Fiverr support cancelled my order without even listening to my side of the story. They just went ahead and assumed whatever big sad story the customer told them was the actual story and didn’t bother to listen to mine.

Where did my 3 sleepless days of work go? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter anymore because Fiverr will never change their mind. It’s in their policy that you agree to do “free labor” in some circumstances if they wants you to.

I know a lot of people in Fiverr suffered from this same kind of incident. And it’s always going to happen this way since Fiverr’s first and most priority is the buyers.


I’m so sorry. Because there is no protection for us I don’t do gigs that take a long time. It’s too risky.


I’m sorry! Hopefully you’ll have a better experience next time!


I’ve moved on, I always do. I learned to “live with the pain”.

The buyer must have initiated a charge back. It happened to me a year ago, and since I was sure of the work I provided, I pursued the case and I eventually won. The order was reviewed by support and I got my money back. You can do the same provided that you delivered the quality you promised.


Actually it wasn’t a chargeback.

It was Fiverr who decided to cancel it. If it was a chargeback, the buyer’s account would’ve been restricted. And also the reason for cancellation says the customer support did it.

So, there’s no point of pursuing it since the justice system itself is broken and you don’t matter in every case.


I also received the message as Fiverr support cancelled order. If you do not pursue it, the buyer will still be active. Talking from experience. Every auto cancelled order will always be tagged as Fiverr support cancelled order.

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Or are more than $200.


For sure. That’s a great policy.


I actually prefer big orders over smaller ones. I even offer substantial bulk discounts.

You must be missing out on a lot of profitable projects by denying the biggest ones.

No it’s not.

Did you even try to reach out to customer support after cancellation?


I’ve tried many times before. It doesn’t matter. They will just give you a good brief explanation of why it’s your fault and how they reserve the right to cancel any order anytime.

You sound new to Fiverr, you’ll get there, you’ll realize.


You most likely didn’t experience a lot of chargebacks and cancellations. Also, if you have 10 large orders in 2 months and 2 people cancel, you lose a level. You need to take that into consideration. Plus, it’s more comfortable to go with smaller orders, since you can finish faster and move on to the next.


I did experience my fair share of chargebacks actually, but Fiverr will often compensate me when it is clear that the buyer is in the wrong.

Having a high cancellation rate isn’t a issue for me since I have a lot of small orders in addition to the big ones.

I personally feel like working on big projects are easier since you can work on the same project and with the same context over longer periods of time. Switching between orders every 20 min takes a lot of extra time and effort since you have to readjust to each order.

I personally feel like one $1000 order is A LOT easier than two hundred $5 orders. Just the time it would take to navigate between the orders and adjust to the context and requirements of the customer for each of those 200 orders would probably take longer than actually doing the entire $1000 order.

It depends how much work that $1000 order might need. If it takes a month, I’ll take my chances with 200x $5. But then again, it’s up to debate based on your category, type of work, etc.

If you were to check @mariashtelle1’s profile you would see she has been selling on Fiverr for 3 months less than you but has about 100 more orders. So, I would say she is experienced and knows what she saying.

Why would they want the sellers to do free work? If we do not make money, Fiverr does not make money. Also, I have always had good luck with CS when dealing with challenging buyers.

I do not give discounts on large orders. I see no reason to do more work for less money.

Nope, my specialty is blog posts and they are seldom more than 1000 words. :wink:

But I do admit that many buyers have more than one document to be proofed in an order. Usually anywhere from 5 to 12. Yet, they still do not get a discount.

But maybe my average order is much larger than that! :thinking:


After reading all of this about big and expensive orders, now I’m scared. :grimacing:
At least now I know I need to be careful about that, finger crossed that none of this happen to me.


Glad it has helped you learn how to protect yourself! Try not to be scared. When you avoid underpricing, are skilled and don’t do jobs that are super expensive and take a long time, the risks of getting burned are lower and even if you do, the impact on you will be smaller.


I said that because I already did one. It was for a VID buyer (but apparently you can’t really trust that from what I’ve red on the forum), he was super nice and left me an amazing review, so I don’t think he’ll give me trouble… But still… At least now I know to be careful. :sweat_smile:


Yeah! I should say that I do make allowances for repeat buyers who are very credible and respectful.