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Fiverr is killing freelancers!

Hi everybody,

In this post, I will share the maltreatment and the unprofessional support responses I had this week on fiverr.

But, let me explain what is happened.
First of all, A buyer contacted me to do some email development work.
I responded with the message you see on the picture bellow :

In that message response. I did not share any portfolio links, or external links for my profile.
I just showed my expertise.

Suddenly, Fiverr dropped my account to level 1

I contacted the support to explain why to me. And, state that on the fiverr TOS page.
The ticket marked as solved without any response !

What do you think on this ?

You mentioned one of Fiverr’s competitors in your message. Why would you think Fiverr would approve?

You’ll find a list of approved URLs here, at the bottom of the page. :sunny:


Maybe the message was automatically flagged because of the word “email”, and maybe because of the other site mentioned. Maybe the trust and safety team then looked at it and decided to block it?

They might have incorrectly assumed the word “email” was about communicating outside Fiverr, but mentioning the competing site might have been against the terms of service about " circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted". Maybe they thought by saying you were available for projects on the competing site you were allowing the user to “circumvent the Fiverr platform” and order long term projects from you there?


I think it was probably the bit about taking on long term projects on **work dot com that did it - sounds like an invitation to do just that.


I agree, it looks like offering to work with the buyer on another platform. Fiverr doesn’t like that, because if you take your business elsewhere, they don’t get their 20%.


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you are currently working on Fiverr and said you take full time project on upwork. why fiverr will approve this.

You mentioned another marketplace which is Fiverrs competitor and outside of Fiverr. According to Fiverr TOS, contacting outside of Fiverr is not allowed.

That’s why you are block from messaging. :slight_smile:

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I did not mention my upwork profile link there.
That is really weird from Fiverr. I see it as an unprofessional move.

I am not blocked from messaging :slight_smile:

You don’t need to mention your link - you just said the website name - it’s in the screenshot you posted.


first you are block from messaging to your client then your level dropped. see your profile if you got any warnings from fiverr.

yeaaaaah about that. definitely not gonna fly with fiverr promoting to someone that you work with another freelance service.

I do think it’s annoying that a warning comes up every time I use the word “pay,” “email,” etc.

Sorry, name’s not checking out


Wow! I did not mention my upwork profile there. It is not an invitation.

You said that you were available for long term work on upwork. Why would you even mention another platform?


Just to be objective about this. I don’t think it is at all fair for Fiverr to demote a seller or even flag a message, simply for mentioning a competing site.

I have a buyer who orders semi-repeatedly, who started their first ever communication with me with:

**Hi **

We used to work together on PPH! Are you taking orders here now and available?

Links to outside competitors? Yes, these should be prohibited. However, since Fiverr uses automated algorithms to flag seller messages, mere passing mentions of competitors is going a bit overboard.


Sorry but I would do the same if I was working for CS. It completely seems like you were trying to get the client to find you on Upwork for long term work.

The message was flagged for review because of some of the words used and when they saw that message they read the same way I do.


you are making excuses, it sounds very much like an invitation to me. Best to accept that mentioning how you are available for work outside of fiverr isn’t going to work and move forward.


I stopped counting at 14 people who have all said the same thing, so…


I think you shot yourself in the foot by mentioning one of Fiverr’s competitors by name (it doesn’t matter whether you did so in an inviting manner).

Learn from this.


same thing happened for me today! i suddenly deleted the chat permanently . is it okay , am a new seller on fiverr . i metion to check my upwork profile to the buyer, will it affect for my profile ?