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Fiverr is like a game

Game Rules:

  • 1 Cancellation - Order completion rate goes down = Demotion

  • One bad review - Ratings goes down (To avoid cancellation, you don’t cancel and —> You get bad reviews) = Ranking goes down/No new orders/Demotion

  • 1 Delay - Delivery time percentage goes down = Demotion

To Win This Game:

  1. Become excellent at convincing client for no cancellation, hence provide value!

  2. Become good at providing value that you don’t get bad reviews!

  3. Become good at On-time delivery before the deadline!

That’s What They Say… :relieved:

And, after maintaining all this… if you managed to get a level up…

All it takes, is 1 bad buyer to ruin everything… I got you there! :joy:

If you’ve mastered this GAME, comment down your helpful tips and tricks!

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How difficult it is to get orders and building profiles here and suddenly everything gets ruined in one eye blink :cry:

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