Fiverr is like a Magic!


yes, fiverr is like a Magic! I joined in January as Logo/Social media cover designer. in starting I had no hope that I can stand among top sellers here,but I followed forum regularly and kept taking advises. I kept my Gigs maintained in very well shape. as 2 month passed without order I was about to leave fiverr, then I got the order from no where! completed the order successfully and since then I completed 9 orders with all 5 stars and having one in a queue.
amazing thing is all my orders came from direct buyers not from buyer requests.

Be Better, Be Innovative, Be Original ☺

I think it so… as you described


That’s exactly the way new people should take the forums: as advice for their business!
I’m happy you’ve started to gain success with your Gig, you did everything right and now you have your reward.


Welcome to the fiverr. I wish you all the best… :slight_smile:


yeah many thanks Buddy


sure , appreciate your welcome. :blush:


agreed! please describe more


That’s great keyur44, i’m happy for you!

Persistence is a great virtue, never give up.


It’s because your gig appeared on search, Fiverr’s algorithms seem to get better and they are promoting new sellers randomly.


This is great start…


Congratulations. To be successful you need to be persistent and avoid negativity. Best wishes for your continued success! :slight_smile:


I am new and I hope to take after @keyur44. I am very much open to advice @wuerz123. Persistency sounds as the basic @pixzoned. Its well…when I have my own story. I plan to write something as good as this. Thanks. Great Note


thanks buddy, I wish same to you :slight_smile:


thanks and yeah keep calm and keep your Gig well maintained, I bet you will get orders soon. it took me 2 months of wait but worth wait. provide smooth and professional service to all customers.:relaxed: keep following forum you’ll find very useful topics to get orders.


God Bless You more…


I Will. Thanks a million


Superb many Thanks for share this,