Fiverr is losing money by doing this


Ok, today I did a little search experiment. I searched my sub-category by first filtering by Seller Level and selecting all levels. This should give me everyone in my sub-category which was 941. Then I added the criteria of sellers online, that number was 284. That means 657 (roughly 75%) of the Sellers in my sub-category were not readily available to answer inquiries and secure orders.

AND this was 2:00pm EST in the US on a workday when the majority of Buyers in my sub-category do business. AND the Sellers who were online were scattered randomly with the 75% who weren’t online.

Investors should be concerned that the company is not maximizing their earning potential. Online Sellers should be marked as such in my sub-category or where needed, posted at the beginning, and without having to apply a filter.

Business 101 (aka The Hot Button Rule)… “never make a customer wait who is trying to give you money”.


I see your point, but I’m sure some Fiverr sellers somewhere in the world may have been asleep.

We can’t all be awake and ready to answer questions 24 hours every day - it’s just not possible.


Yes I agree that fiverr should always make the most people able to deliver faster in top search result. well this won’t only consider online status but also response rate, pervious delivery and how much they were fast, queued work ( the much queued work the more wait time)


That’s all taken into account in the search algorithms already I think.


I would estimate that 90% of those 941 Seller’s in my sub-category are from the US and Canada. So, there’s no excuse for them to be offline since once you’re logged in you remain logged in for quite a while.

There’s no excuse from a business standpoint that those Sellers eager to make money should share exposure with those that may not even be active anymore.

Obviously, the applied algorithm is faulty in this sub-category.


But I don’t see how their not being online equates to not being eager to provide a good service.

If anyone messages them, they’ll get an email alert, which could be to a desktop, mobile etc.

Freelancing isn’t supposed to be a 9-5, 5 day a week job.

Can I ask what your solution would be please?


Firstly, freelancing is not defined by part-time or full-time.

Consider that being a Seller online is like an “Open For Business” sign. You would contact them first if you had a project in mind and money to spend.


If I leave my fiverr app open it will show am online, if I sleep while the app is still on it will show am online, should my gig also appear in the first category of online sellers who are ready to work?


Absolutely you should appear first! You’re letting Buyers know you’re “Open for Business”, doesn’t matter where in the world you are!

Look, by the mere fact you and the others who’ve replied to my post tells me that you’re a “Do-er” because you’re not only online, you’re trying to improve your business by participating in discussions. My point is that the “Do-ers” should appear first if Fiverr is to stop losing money. This arbitrarily giving the spotlight to those that don’t even care enough to hang out their shingle (so to speak) should stop.


I am seriously considering to forward this post to fiverr support they need to take notice, maybe they never had this idea.


You’ll most likely get a generic response, but by all means please try!


I do not pay attention to the online or offline on a seller’s gig. If he/she has had a recent delivery - where I know they are still active - with high star ratings, I will order from them.

I have a full time job, therefore I expect my seller’s to understand it may take me a few hours to respond to their inquiries. I am never in such a hurry that I need a seller to respond right away to mine.

I order, fill out the requirement and tell the seller to let me know if they have a question. 75% of the time, I get no questions but a delivery on time. Everyone is happy.


You do have some valid points, especially, about the “Im Open for business” part. Unfortunately, a lot of people will and DOES utilize the “I am Online” already. There are plugins you can use that makes you stay online on your workstation.

So it would be quite unfair for the rest of us that actually stay on, for e.g It’s 3:45am local time, And I stay up till 5am my time since I have listed 5:30pm EST as my end of business hour.

So letting a buyer SELECT the “Online” option seems more feasible to me.


well its nice to have this option enable but as the seller are concern many designer over fiverr are geniun and do not copy and past stfull and some got no genuine orders but as time passes i have recently viewed lot of new profiles are ordering fake reviews to get high on list dont know what should be called and thats not justice


True ! fiverr need to reconsider the “Sellers Online” Search filter.


Really? You truly expect Sellers to understand it may take hours for you to answer their questions? Did you ever consider they may have full-time jobs too and they’re sweating it out wondering if you’ll answer in time for them to complete the order?

In all fairness to you, you may not be aware that if an order is not completed in time it will affect the Seller’s ranking quite adversely. It’s a Seller’s worse nightmare. And seldom do Buyers take responsibility for causing the delay.

To understand how impactful a slow Buyer response is to a Seller after your order is placed, just read the river of tearful posts that appear daily on the forum regarding that matter. There may even be some names you recognize.


Not all buyers expect or need a seller to be online when they place an order, unless they want immediate questions answered.
Also there are so many timezones in the world where buyers come from that simply saying the eastern U.S. is the timezone when more buyers are on fiverr is not exactly true.

This isn’t a retail shop where we need to be “open for business”.

No customers have to wait when they are trying to give you money. The order button works 24 hours a day. I could sit online for 10 hours and not get one sale most of the time or leave and come back to several new sales while I was asleep.


I find the discussion very interesting, but my opinions probably differ some. I don’t think that’s bad, we all have our own ideas and that’s part of being in a community! :slight_smile: As far as the filter itself, I think the filter in search is very useful. For some gigs it might be much more critical to get fast service and for others it might mean very little. As a seller, my buyers definitely choose me for quality and effort and not speed. I never deliver late, but my delivery times are usually not set for high speed since it doesn’t work with my other daily commitments.

As a buyer, I’ve been in a rush when ordering something related to my own deadlines (book covers) and otherwise I rarely care if the seller answers immediately. I like the fact that if someone is looking for a seller who is on right now and might be able to answer questions or deliver fast, that buyer can tick the online filter and those sellers get priority. That’s awesome for new sellers, full timers, or people who deliver speedy gigs as a sales technique. From what I can tell, if you untick the online box and only filter by level and category, the ranking shifts and is more likely to display popular gigs, gigs with lots of reviews and/or gigs that are very active with lots of hits and routine deliveries. It still puts “online” sellers up high too but only if they fit the other criteria. If you untick all the filters, popular, featured, or promoted gigs seem to rank up top with offline and online mixed in.

If I need more money, I may use buyer requests and promote my gigs off-Fiverr to generate interest and I like knowing that the online option is there if I wanted to boost myself in some other way. Usually I’m not a storefront with business hours, I’m more like an “Amazon” where you can order anytime you want and I’ll deliver when my gig says I will. My reviews reflect my consistency.

Many of my friends are in the USA and are writers of one kind or another. Very few of my friends keep to an 8-6 office schedule like a retail business. I know that you stressed that in your subcategory, active sellers should be online for quite a while at a time. Since I sell in multiple areas, I don’t even really have a defined category. I’m a “doer” who lives on a free schedule as a freelancer. I wouldn’t want to be forced to be online a set number of hours to know that I’ll be ranked in search when no filters are applied. If I were automatically unlisted in search or ranked super low because I choose not to use the online filter, I would complain to Fiverr. This is just one point of view for debate, and not personal in any way.