Fiverr is lying about their gig impression stats


Firstly, my gig (since I had TRS removed) has averaged about 100-200 impressions in the search a day.

The past three days, I have had up to 4000 impressions per day. (started at 1,800 and went up)

The thing is, the clicks per day have remained the same. 13 clicks per day on my gig. You would think that the number of clicks would climb up with the increased number of impressions, right?

Not one extra person has favourited my gig in that time, and the only clients have been ‘old’ clients.

This leads me to believe that Fiverr is lying about gig impressions. Perhaps to say “hey, our search is viewed a ton, buy advertising for your gig!”


4000 impressions per day is incredible and hard to believe.
The most I’ve ever gotten in one month is 40,000 and that was a long time ago.
My best gig now gets only 4000 per month. I don’t know what’s going on with that but something is wrong.
I know I barely get seen now but you should be getting a minimum of 10-20 orders per day.


My mistake.

It was up to 3k, not 4k.

236: 19th Jan (11 clicks)
1618: 20th Jan (13 clicks)
2990: 21st Jan (13 clicks)
2991: 22nd Jan (14 clicks)


How do you see how many per day? I don’t have that. I can see the last 7 days, the last 30 days, the last 3 months and the last 6 months.


Go to:

“My Gigs”

then click your gig.

If you highlight the point on the gig per day, it gives you the accurate number.


I don’t know what to say about your impressions stats.
Does the graph show a huge spike? Or just the numbers?

Lately they have changed the names of some of the categories. I’m not sure about your category but it’s possible they moved your gigs someplace new.


Do people even actually pay attention to their stats? Hold up I’m going to take a look at mine.


Ok so my highest one right now is 18k impressions with 900 clicks.


How do you actually see the number of impressions per day?? I can only see clicks per day.


how do you see how many people have favourited your gig?


I check my stats everyday , that’s one of the ways i use to measure the performance of my gig.


If you preview your gig. You will find the favorite above the word edit gig.


Hey guys !
While on the topic, how can you tell how many clicks and impressionism you had per day ?
I was sure it is calculated per 30 days only.


Actually I rechecked and saw that you can even see even more


Thanks so much !
I never saw these :slight_smile:


yea, I check mine daily. not high 1k impression