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Fiverr Is Marking The Wrong Messages As Spam

I’m glad I checked my Inbox folder today, look at what I found marked as “spam.”

“Hi I need a creative vegan nutrition name that isn’t taken”

“I am a resident of Los Angeles and seeking help with a tagline for my business, specifically for use on a proposed website.”

“I need an original and creative business name for an at home senior care business catered towards the ageing baby-boomer population and their parents. Existing examples include companies such as Home Instead, Health and Home Senior Care etc. I only need 3-5 names to pick from but would need domain availability either .ca or .com (affordable ones), check against Canadian business registry, trademark check and social media availability. I have attached a logo/name combo i find decently acceptable as reference. Please let me know how much this would cost. Thank you”

I didn’t even get these messages sent to my e-mail. I think Fiverr’s spam settings need adjusting.


sometimes it happens ! but there is a option to remove the spam mark and continue the chat

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Happens all the time when a buyer is sending multiple people the same message. It is technically spam.


I didn’t know that. So Fiverr’s AI keeps track on who’s sending messages, who’s copying and pasting the same thing?

I used to copy and paste on buyers requests, when sending offers. I hope Fiverr didn’t mark my messages as spam.


Pretty much, yes.

Those who sent you those messages probably sent tens of copywriters the same.

People who do that are often (not always, of course) difficult to work with, too; they tend not to read gig descriptions so they ask questions that are already answered there, and you never know if they are going to respond on time (or even read the whole message you send them) if you happen to have some questions.

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Thanks for the tip. I suppose from their point of view, they want to do business with people who will get back to them, they’re not comfortable buying without messaging.

If I was a high volume seller, and was getting 10-30 messages a day, I’d be very annoyed. But now that I’m low volume, high price, I can deal with it.

I replied to the three “spammers,” two didn’t get back to me, one got upset when I mentioned my no refund policy and said talking to me was giving him a headache and he wouldn’t be needing my services. So I decided to block him.


My gig is “I will record a professional voicemail” and I can’t type the word “voicemail” in chat because Fiver flags it for review every time. They tag all the wrong things :woman_shrugging:

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I know, I can’t copy and paste one of my gig links because it contains the word “email” instead of “e-mail.” If I ever write a headline with the word “money,” and want to share it in the message section instead of the document section, I have to write mo ney or m-ney.

So silly! Meanwhile, I reported a buyer to Fiverr for literally asking me if they could pay me via paypal in order to surpass Fiverr’s 20%, and their account is still active :upside_down_face:

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How long ago did you reported that buyer? Maybe the buyer got a warning and was told not to do it again. I don’t think Fiverr likes losing buyers because that’s the bread and butter of the platform.

With that said, nowadays buyers have to pay fees for buying, fees for tipping, and that might cause problems.