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Fiverr is my Home

After 2 months break, i opened my fiverr account. And without buyer request send, i got 5 orders at a time. Really i love my buyer and also FIVERR.
Thanks Fiverr, Thank you so much.


Congrats! Must feel really good, doesn’t it? :grin: :confetti_ball:

Now, I get the happiness and thrills of orders, saying “Fiverr is my home” might turn problematic in the long run - what happens if you don’t get any more orders at one point in time or do something by mistake and Fiverr penalizes you? You’ll probably come back here saying that Fiverr is unfair like I’ve seen other sellers do :slight_smile:

My point is: don’t make Fiverr your “permanent home” yet just because you got a handful of orders - make sure to have a backup solution, like “another virtual home”, or maybe even a real job (assuming you don’t have one)

You have to go through at least a full year to see all the ups and downs of Fiverr, to see if it’s worth making Fiverr your permanent home or not :wink:

There’s just been too many people lately on the forum complaining that Fiverr kicked them out or left them with no sales, and if you see Fiverr as your home and something bad ever happens (let’s pray it won’t!), it won’t be good for your health to feel kicked out of your “home” :slight_smile:

I’m not being insensitive nor pessimistic - I’m just trying to be realistic based on what I’ve seen thus far with other newer sellers, and warn you about the bumpy ride you may have ahead by sharing some advice on life.


I agree. Although in my situation, Fiverr is my only source of income, besides vending machines which earn me a tiny fraction of what I make here.

I would love to find an alternative to Fiverr, but so far I haven’t found it. Most other sites are bid sites, I don’t do well on those.


Copywriting is your source of income, Fiverr is just a platform. Platforms come and go, your skills are permanent.


Congratulation!.. Good luck and Happy freelancing.

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My skills may be permanent, but what good are they if I don’t get hired in other platforms?

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For me, it is going well on bids. My tactic is to research my clients along all of their previous projects. Usually, I send around 4-5 bids a month, from which 2 or 3 get converted. While I do get a lot of invites, I reject some work, if the buyers don’t have any reviews, previous experience, and similar parameters.


A 50% conversion rate is truly excellent. I admire that.

So far I’ve had no luck on the other sites, the bidding sites. I’m attaching portfolio samples, I’m selling low, I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or maybe there’s too much competition on those sites.

Fiverr is better because here buyers search for what they want instead of waiting for bids. It’s more immediate. A buyer can search “Christian book covers” and find what he wants right away.

On other sites, the designer would have to search “Christian book covers” and see if others need his work. So the seller is forced to waste his time trying to get an order. How much money are you making from 4-5 bids a month?