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Fiverr is my new facebook


I started with Fiverr just under a month ago and found it very interesting. I began to buy a few thing on here such as a logo design for my business and a few other things. then i decided to start selling, which has been great. Im always (probably to much) logging in here to see if i have any requests or gigs to deliver and even if i dont i will look around to see what other sellers are offereing and sometimes buy a gig. There are so many fun and exciting gigs to look at and it gives me ideas of what i could buy. for example i will get one person to do a video for me and another to do a voiceover.

Its come to the point where i will just pointlessly log in for no reason hahahaha. Well atleast im on facebook less now hahaha. But Fiverr is a great website with a great idea and i hope to keep using it (even if just pointlessly, sometimes).

anyone else loving the Fiverr experience?


Thats so correct… I too have the same feelings… Its incredible to see people selling all kinds of stuff… Fiverr is great for both sellers and buyers… And yessss it is addictive too…




people have so many good ideas and gigs on here. im still trying to think of a really good different gig to come up with :slight_smile:


yea fiverr is infact getting more interesting than facebook, you can come up with this type of idea of mine its easy to deliver and brings in a lot of sales if done properly. if you desire you can order for a trail to see how it is done


I have fb account, but think its time has passed. I figured pinterest would take its place? But never thought about fiverr. Sure would be awesome if fiverr did take fb’s place and became next sms :slight_smile:


I know what you mean about logging in all the time like formerly logging into Facebook! That comparison makes me cringe though, because I am constantly dealing with people on Fiverr who like to use it as social media/ dating site. Have you ever received a message from someone saying “I am not going to order but I just wanted to say hi?!” It drives me crazy. I am here to sell services, not to carry on conversations with strangers who aren’t going to order.


@autumntime that would be a great idea if fiverr did take fbs place but i never think that would happen, this is more business side of things, people work hard on here and i think most people are just too lazy to work hard.

@alliemadison firstly congrats on being a top seller. i cant say i relate to being sent random messages like that but its probably a female thing getting these kinds of messages( probably some weirdos in fiverr) but i understand your frustration you must have if you get it all the time having to deal with that and not with you main point of business here, which is selling gigs.

im trying to develop myself more on here, as i havent done much promotion yet but will need to in the future i guess. wish you both all the best here