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Fiverr is my second love after my wife


its been two months since i am on fiverr and i am a level two seller now. i am loving working here and slowly its becoming my all time job. thank you fiverr. i am looking forward for more jobs.


Yes, it is an awesome platform when you not only learn but earn too.


Congrats on achieving Level 2 badge! :sparkles:
Finding :blue_heart: Love = PRICELESS!


What a great start. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


congrats on reaching level 2 :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :slight_smile: (20 characterzzzz)


So you can fall in love only in two months. :thinking: I hope it dont go down drastically as it escalated ( beware of bad buyers, that is the Hell pit of Fiverr).



Thank you. I had one bad buyer but its fine. Ups and downs are the rule of the world.


Thank you and what’s 20 characters
Got it :smiley:


Thank you…


Thanks alot …


Why so much dots?

Hint: your answer is answer to your previous question.


I got that notification more than 20 characters :wink:


Thank you so much …


@talented_guy You are Welcome :smiley:


Well for me Fiverr is my first love because I don’t have a wife. LOL :smiley:


I Love my Family More than AnyThing :slight_smile: Sent Time with you Family :slight_smile:


I love your thread title.


This is why I limited the amount of work I accept from buyers that do first time business with me on Fiverr. I just declined an order of $525,- It’s not because I think that the buyer was a bad guy, but I a had weird experience with a very good buyer once (to complex to tell here) and this was when I decided to limit work I do for people I don’t know or don’t have any experience with.
In my business outside of Fiverr I don’t handle this limits because there I’m also the one who decides about disputes. Luckily I never encounter them.


Agreed. it feels like hell when an order cancels like that even when you deliver it.