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Fiverr is my Secret I don't want My Facebook Friends knowing about

I love Fiverr and making Money but I don’t want the World to know about this Great Gem. This has caused me not to post on social media. I’m doing well without it. What are your thoughts


Hi. You are a level 2 seller and very experience person. But why do you think not to post on social media? Is there any issue about that? Fiverr is a very popular online market place.


This is funny, but it is not funny.

Your success is not hindered by the success of others…
The sky is wide enough for all the birds to fly at the same time without any disturbance to one another.
You are only limiting yourself by not wanting others to know your road to success.

Besides…If they dont get to know about it from you, they will get to know about it from someone or somewhere else.
Why not let them know through you and they see you as their light bearer.

My opinion is my Opinion afterall.

All the best :slightly_smiling_face:


Great thought. I agree with you.


With the amount of seller that are already here on Fiverr and the amount of new user that sign up everyday, I don’t think a couple more would make a difference. It’s not like Fiverr is not known already and is some underground secret.

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Check for General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Not everyone is interested about freelancing, otherhand Fiverr Facebook social media marketing is effective for finding new client.

Otherhand what’s the issue If any skilled one come fiverr and earn some money from getting inspired from you?

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I’m waiting for someone to non-ironically suggest that you need to advertise your gigs on social media…


Err, why would you post to your FB friends anyway? Are they all going to buy from you or recommend you to people who are going to buy from you?

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This is a big place where everyone can participate . People can participate by their own merits . No one can snatched skills form others. If more skillful people will participate here then buyer trust will increase and number of buyer will also increase in this platform. So believe in yourself not to worry about other things.

My thoughts?

Well. Your secret is all over the place. :rofl:

Privacy solutions. I can understand you

I also not told my friends about fiverr, but when I told them they be like " teach me to do same and earn some money online", I told them to watch youtube video and take some udemy course and they be like “why don’t you teaches us”. I myself learned online everything and I don’t know how to tell them that teaching isn’t my thing and is a complicated business. Although, this doesn’t affect our friendship.

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