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Fiverr is my Travel Business Friend

I love traveling and Fiverr is my travel friend. I traveled to many countries and still doing, Traveling is one of my hobbies that I really love to do.

I traveled Germany, Hong Kong, Romania, UK, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and many other countries.

Wherever I go, I keep fiverr with me. It helps me to carry my business with me. I work here, I buy gigs here.
Also fiverr helps me to earn few extra bucks that helps me more for traveling.

On the next trip I’m planning about to in Kashmir, India.
Planning the idea and hope it would happen within next month.

So, do you have any IRL friends?

How do you manage both the work and travelling at the same time…? for me …i remain stuck in the orders…and have no time for travelling…

I love travelling too, but Fiverr is not my travelling friend as I don´t really sell here. I never take my laptop (I don´t use tablet because I hate touch screen and I like typing on keyboard) with me when I travel. There was time when I had to carry my laptop around, when I still had a job (hired by a company) and I found it somewhat a pain in the b*tt to work and travel at the same time. But now not anymore. I don´t have to work when I travel because I am jobless. My phone uses touch screen and I hate it. I almost never text anyone. I prefer just make a phone call.

But what if your IP adress don’t match with your contry of origin? This is not considered a flag by Fiverr? Also, are you able to withdrawal your money anywhere? If so, what method is the recommended?