Fiverr is no help


There is so much wrong with fiver Today!

My dash board has incomplete sales on it from 4 years ago, i contacted fiverr and ask them to remove them, they said they cant because its incomplete sales. They told me to send reminders to the buyer to complete the sale, that’s all great, but the buyer has not been seen for 4 years, i did that and still no re-ply.

I then ask fiverr to remove them again after explaining that to them, they told me to ask the buyer to cancel the order, again the buyer has not been seen on fiverr for over 4 years, then i ask fiverr if I did a cancel will it effect my ratings status, they said yes it would. WTH?

So now I just have a dash board full of incomplete sales because the buyers never completed the sale, now i have to go through them until i find new sales. UNREAL!

Now for the ratings scam, I have over 3k sales and have been in the green in ever catorgory for the 95% of my time on fiverr (over 4 years) and i never get to be a TRS. If i drop any catorgory by 1% I drop to a level one instantly. Makes zero sense.

Someone should tell fiverr that if I DON’T MAKE MONEY, THEY DON’T MAKE MONEY!

Last thing, we sell radio commercials and if a buyer wants say a female voice that would be our extra, but they still buy our basic gig that includes a male only voice, we now have to explain to the buyer a female is our extra and ask them to re-order as they do, but first we must cancel this order, we did nothing wrong, the buyer is re-ordering and we get hit with a cancelation then our rating drops.

Fiverr used to be OUTSTANDING, today they are to corporate and we have already found a new place to sell our advertising packages.

Thanks for no help at all fiverr.


I always cancel those uncompleted order if I don’t get any response.


If you cancel them, you get a rating demotion. Its a waste of time.


They already know this. :wink:

Just because you might be struggling with these changes or a lack of sales right now, does not mean that Fiverr has forgotten where their revenue comes from. They know, and you can bet that they are doing things that benefit their bottom line. I wouldn’t expect anything less of any other business.

In the end, though, it isn’t Fiverr’s responsibility to take the time and make sure that you are making sales. That is still your responsibility, and it is still something you need to experiment with improving.

They still are, even with the changes taking place right now.

Alright then. Good luck as you continue to grow your advertising packages on that other platform.

Again, though, it’s not Fiverr’s responsibility to help you become successful. YOU are the freelancer working here. YOU need to manage the growth of your own business, services, and gigs. Fiverr manages their business, you manage yours. That’s how this Fiverr thing works.


Not really, because I don’t cancel all of them at once.