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Fiverr is No Longer Fiverr

So Fiverr switched to ‘packages’ and I see gigs with prices going from $10 and up, meaning you can’t get it for five bucks. So from now on its official, there are gigs on fiverr that no longer cost just five dollars.

I like the idea of extra gigs, but I believe that base gig should still go for five bucks. That’s like going into a dollar store where only half of the merchandise costs a dollar… Packages are cool, but I think a fiver dollar gig base should still be mandatory, the seller should still offer ‘something’ for five bucks…

I know that we’re all greedy by nature and fiverr just wants more revenue from their commissions. But trust me, most sellers will start offering more expensive packages from now on, and nobody would want to work for five bucks like they do now… Everything gonna be more expensive and in couple years fiverr is just gonna turn into a marketplace, and its core idea will be history. Let’s hope someone reads this and remembers what made fiverr a fiverr it is today…

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I’ve been here for over three years, and have watched the price of everything in the area I live triple in that time. Gas, food, rents, everything. After self employment taxes which are 15%, and the Paypal fee I end up with $3.20. In some parts of the world that’s a lot
of money but here it’s nothing at all. I have no problem with a higher base price for my gigs. $10, $15 is still cheap. $5 a few years ago is now more like $1 as far as what it will buy.
I wouldn’t call asking $10 or $15 for a basic gig greedy.


Fiverr forum users are divided by an invisible (cyber) line . One half feels that services should be offered for just $5 because that is what Fiverr was originally based on and they were accustomed too, while the other half feels that certain services offered here are worth way more than $5 and its only fair to be able to offer the true value of their services on freelance sites like Fiverr.

While I am a traditionalist I am a fan of progression.

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If they live in an area of rapidly escalating prices for every necessity of living it is simply the way of the world to raise prices.

Coca Cola used to have cocaine in it. Hence the name. They changed–the name stayed. Of course, most companies will eventually rebrand, which is what Fiverr may have to do in future to avoid this non issue. Of course, subtle tweaking such as “prices only multiples of Fiverr” may also work. I don’t know, I’m not a rebranding expert, but those are two potential directions to go in.

Inflation is a thing. Perhaps to satisfy people we should rebrand to just 5 INR (less than 1 cent!) per basic gig to keep the sacrosanct Fiverr ideal alive?


I thought not. Progress! Stop mewling about it.

I agree with the other things said here, and there is another point that changed my mind about this as well. Brand new sellers, sellers with rough skills, and sellers that are still learning how to do business or communicate well are having a tough time breaking into the market on Fiverr. I think there will be $5 gigs available for LONG time for this reason.

Those who try to charge more too soon and can’t get buyers will lower their prices. Some will do it just to get reviews and go up. Some will do it because they can afford to due to the cost of living where they are. This change means that those sellers actually have a better chance than they have since Fiverr was pretty new.

Some of the early adopters of the higher priced base gigs already found out that their sales dropped or went to zero when they raised their prices. They did it too soon or didn’t have an offering that would draw buyers at that level. They need to lower prices to a break-in point. Some sellers that have hundreds of gigs in queue have trouble delivering in time, especially on their $5 gigs, so they need higher prices to slow down their queues.

Good points.

I recently came back to Fiverr after having my gigs “on vacaction” for over a year, so this packages this is new to me, and really annoying.

When I edited any gig it became a requirement to add a package or I couldn’t save my updated gig. I’m all for making more money, but my big issue with it is none of my gigs say $5 on them anymore, which totally defeats the purpose of the site and for getting new clients. Even though I have good reviews and ratings, why would someone new to the site looking for the service I provide want to pay over $100?

It’s called FIVERR for a reason.

You can still price a package at $5, that has not changed.

Fiverr has lost the plot, it’s now just another plain old outsource site. Lost my business for sure, I am off to find the upstart that has filled the void.


Businesses change, fortunately/unfortunately.
Here is a video explaining how it all works