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Fiverr is no more good

Hello everyone,
since 1 hour i received a message from a buyer says “Have you done any work on here yet? I see you aren’t rated.” and I’d like to know why People here are looking only for rated works and not asking for Experience. i think that only professional people out there, and the work can be done without rating it by chance or by forgetting to. why Fiverr is not using artificial intelligence to detect Copyrights on the work done by (the most rated) people here.
buyers are sharing their emails with proofs out there, and no one is asking about TOS.
that’s what i call “When the belly is filled, the head is ordered to sing”
i salute the really professional people here


I have no idea what you’re complaining about here. The review system is there for buyer confidence, if you were a buyer, you would prefer to buy from someone with reviews rather than someone without. If someone is communicating outside of Fiverr, and they find out, the seller will be banned no matter what level or how rated they are. The copyrighted work? If a seller is using copyrighted work, they’ll be banned if they get reported.


you didn’t get it sir. saying that you’re a ne seller with no ratings how can you prouve your skills !! how can you tell me that you’re a professional even if you’re really competent thats the big problem in freelance sties. you can find people who can do the job more perfectly than the rated one. how can you sir give the chance to the non rated Gigs, people are not connecting. they just search for a 5 stars rating gig!

If you’re an article writer, which it seems you are, you can show potential buyers, both here on the forum, and on your own blogs etc. what an exceptional writing talent you are.

That also means making sure that your gig description is as clear as it can be, without spelling, punctuation or grammar errors. Your posts here and elsewhere should also reflect those skills.

Or you can just complain I suppose! :wink:


that’s true. most of the buyers get carried away a lot by the sellers that have more reviews. Without at least see the packages offered by people or the capabilities, skills and studies we have.

The last time I checked, we all came to Fiverr without ratings or reviews but we had to keep up with the competition and today we have so grown with so many reviews.

Instead of complaining, look for ways to get your works reviewed or rated by buyers.


Hello! Here in Fiverr is hard start to sell, because nobody knows you (the first year, at least) and nobody know if you’re realiable since you’re coming, you have to make an effort everyday and keep active and “online”. You have to improve your skills and Gigs as much as you can and above of all have hope and patience, I see you’ve been here more than 2 years, have you do what I told you above?. I know it’s very difficult because I went through that, if you really want to sell forget you need reviews to have customers and you demonstrate your experience and services to the potential customers! You can do that in “Buyer requests”, you can send offers by convincing customers why it’s better work with you and show them everything you have to offer, fall in love with your work, I’m sure more than one will want work with you. I waited 3 months to get my first order but were 3 months with dedication and patience. YOU CAN SHOW YOUR EXPERIENCE WITHOUT REVIEWS AND GET WORKS! YOU CAN! TRY IT…

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It’s the system on which fiverr works. Fiverr give you a fair platform, in which people works. Once a time, professional sellers also was new seller. It’s wrong you saying people don’t buy the new sellers, but it’s also true that you don’t get a bunch of orders as a new seller.

Everyone grows from nothing (0). Be focused on what we are doing. Fiverr can only give you guidance to get order, but don’t hope that it’s fiverr’s responsibility to give you orders. It’s your side.:slight_smile::+1:

Also, it’s wrong you saying professional sellers are do poor work than new one. Here all is about work and experience, if new one has more experience and skills than professional one, he/she will do great than professional. But as all you know, new sellers are not sufficient experienced most of the time, they are just starting. That’s all​:blush::+1:.

It’s true. Sometimes new sellers get orders in just some days, and rarely in months. However, I love this market place.:blush::+1:

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Thank you, for all your opinions at all.