Fiverr is Nominated for a People's Choice


We got nominated as finalists for the People’s Choice Awards, Europas (Yay)!

This is the biggest European Tech Award to win, initiated by TechCrunch Europe (oooooooh).

Every Facebook account can vote once… so we need all your help!

You’ll find Fiverr’s voting page here.

To vote, just click on ‘Like’ at the top of the page, and you’re good to go!

Please help spread the word by sharing this with your families and friends - every vote counts.

Have you voted yet?


Agree with you all, bump!


Agree with you all, bump!


Agree with you all, bump!


Agree with you all, bump!


Agree with you all, bump!


That is awesome and Fiverr is going places in 2013!


It certainly is!

I shall get on the vote straight away!! Good ole Europe :slight_smile:


Thats awesome. Definitely voting!




Voted and best to you. You have the Peeps …that’s for sure.


Thanks everyone for the votes.

We think you guys are awesome and appreciate the help.

We are coming 50th place (out of 614) - still a long way to go.

Please spread the word!


Vote for Fiverr! :slight_smile:


Already voted… Good luck fiverr


I am bumping this as I want everyone who reads this sentence to click on the link and vote/like the post. If you gig on FIVERR has made any money this year then you need to vote for FIVERR as a gesture of goodwill for a great website and platform


Thanks for all this amazing support.

We have gone from 50th place to 16th place in the past 3 days!

Still a long way to go, so please share with all your friends and family!

You guys ROCK!


Voted, all the very best to Fiverr :slight_smile:


I sell FB likes, I can do much but all likes are fake so I am not taking risk. It may cause dropping out from nomination. Just promoted white hatly to m family and friends.


Count me in :wink: Fiverr rocks!

Tu Michael


I have voted a long time ago and did my part :slight_smile: But the sad thing is, as of now Fiverr has got only #1077 likes :frowning: It’s so not right. I’m not talking about the buyers here, but how many sellers are there who earn a decent amount of cash everyday just because of this great service? I really don’t think that number would be 1077 :open_mouth: So guys, this is the best time to show our GRATITUDE. The first place has got only 5300+ votes. You know if we act altogether now, that number can be passed within minutes. Lets do our best to get this award to our beloved FIVERR!!! :">