Fiverr is not $5 service. Fiverr Can Change Your Life Read My Story How Fiverr Made My Life


Life in Pakistan is not easy……… you need to be a highly qualified professional to get a good job and make a good living out of it. Even good degree some cannot help you earn a good living.

But, all thanks to Fiverr, their founder and their owner and their team developed a platform that made me reach the heights people of my age can hardly think of. I am Rao Talha, a 16 years old youngster who was nothing a year back but due to Fiverr my fortunes took a swing and my current standing is where I had hardly thought of.

Just due to Fiverr I have setup my own online business that hire few of the leading Pakistani freelancers. Now because of Fiverr I can buy everything and I am blessed with everything. Recently I have purchased my luxury car due to Fiverr earning. The most important thing is now I can get higher education easily. I am seen as a celebrity back home I am being invited in many leading freelancing seminars all due to success on Fiverr. On top of that I was invited by one of the best universities of Pakistan to give a speech on freelancing and be the motivation to the students and they

awarded me as a Pakistan youngest Freelancer.

My award is just because of Fiverr

In the end I have only one word to say “THANK YOU FIVERR”.



Really good news for you. Go ahead man. Fiverr is a exclusive marketplace of the world.


Good luck! :smiley:


Memorable Moment
A pic with university Principal
when university awarded me as a Pakistan Youngest Freelancer and SEO expert just due to Fiverr
thanks fiverr


This is really inspiring, from a youngster like you, please keep it up and do not relent in your efforts, try to help as many of your peers that are willing to follow your foot step.

Keep up the good work bro.


Congratulations man! Always great to see people do good on fiverr.


Congratulations Bro!
keep it Up!


Wow Great Success, Rao !!
I Am also from pakistan, and a Level 2 seller, here,

I think, in Pakistan, anyone who works on this Heaven (Fiverr) will officially have to say “thanks” to fiverr. Pakistan listed among those countries, where just 10% peoples can live their lives, in their desired style.

Thankfully I’am one of them, I make My Living from Fiverr Earnings, even I earned my First $ Dollar from Fiverr. So I’ve no words to say "thank you to God & then Fiverr.

I Truly Love to work Here.

M. Amir


Well done, keep working hard on your fiver business and everything will be yours


Congrats Bro. Keep it up. :slight_smile:


Congrats…Keep up the good work…


Congratulation! You are the real youngest super star.


Well Done :)>-


You are a source of inspiration to young lads, not just in Pakistan, but i think all over the world. Congrats.


this is great to hear! Keep up the good work my friend!


Congratulations…!! Good Luck…


Good to see :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! Good Work Keep it Up :slight_smile: ;:wink:


Congratulations Bro. You made Pakistan proud. Good luck :slight_smile:


Great new a history has been made