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Fiverr is not addressing our Problem of Gig Image Upload

I am very disappointed that Fiverr has still not addressed to this problem which not only me but almost most of the sellers are facing and that is problem to upload the gig image.We even see it successfully in our edit page but not in profile view. please can you bring your attention which is far more important than many of others. PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED. and SELLERS PLEASE GIVE YOUR REVIEWS

Hey friend! :D/

Keep calm and wait. They will fix it as they did to other issues soon. Fiverr is the world best marketplace. Therefor they will not leave their seller like this. :)>-

Cheers! :-h

Hi there,
It must be the same problem,
I was losing my mind when i tried to put an image on my new gig, the image that should be the first one ,it’s placing in the seconf place. the problem is i need this image to be the first one because it’s the gig’s image that explains everything about the gig
Could that be the same problem as yours ?
Please respond to me, i’m so worried and tired of trying to fix the problem .
Thanks, waiting for your response.

Yup i had this one and many others now with my gig :-??

Have same issue, good to know it is general. For sure they will fix it!

So THAT’S what’s going on! I tried for a long time yesterday to create another gig and could not get any pictures to upload - and they’re some of the same ones I have on other gigs. I’m glad I saw this! Thanks!!!

I have been trying this since Wendseday…

Big Big problem with my profile !!! I can’t upload images in my Gigs !!!

may be fiverr fix this issue soon :slight_smile:

Have same issue. I believe Fiverr support is very slow fixing these kind of bugs. I hope we will get this fixed soon.

I feel better now that I’m not the only one who has this problem. I hope fiverr solve it soon.

Having the same problem… :frowning: why they are not solving this?

Friends how do we get fiverr support to see this and fix it ?
image gig are so important in my field :frowning:

I totally killed my gig with that problem :frowning: Fiverr please fix it already.

Anyone can now upload images? :frowning:

I am not able to update image in my gig…

What Should I do ?? I need to update this image asap…

NO update so far… Cannot update still.

Fiverr is losing money if they won’t fix it :slight_smile: People will leave fiverr :slight_smile:

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Yup I am really worried,What the Fiverr administration is doing and why have n’t they spotted the biggest bug in their system. THEY EVEN HAVE NOT OFFICIALLY UPDATED

Yes I have the same problem as well and I have to be giving browser information etc back and forth and still the image is not being updated.