Fiverr is not answering my Requests


I submitted requests regarding some problems with my gigs, but, fiverr is not answering my messages. It was already 5 days since I submitted my requests. Does any have the same problem? What might be the reason?


Reply to @madmoo: Apparently, because if you search s/he does do Sheriff work and assign ticket numbers. I do find it strange that s/he has no icons next to his/her name stating such. It doesn’t come across as reliable, so maybe a thing to change, @Scoban?

Also: see last post in this thread:

Currently it might appear as if you in-between for people and CS, which is conventient for those people you help, but all those other people clamoring about Fiverr needing to reply to them on the forum now have a handle to actually start that discussion. We always say there are no Fiverr admins on the forum, but this counters that illusion.

Strangely, Scoban’s Fiverr profile doesn’t mention working for Fiverr, and have a lot of job-related notes on it.