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Fiverr is not displaying my old reviews on gig pages


Hi guys! I have a serious problem with my fiverr account… I paused all gigs near 2013 because of my higher education. Now I’m back for work! :slight_smile: I re-activated and updated some of my gigs. But I noticed some kind of issue with my gig reviews in all gigs.

I have total 71 reviews. But in “Reviews” section of all gigs I can’t find any of my old reviews! It says “There are currently no reviews…” in all gig pages.

Screenshot >>>>> Capture|690x160

I think this will affect my orders. Do you guys have any idea of this issue? I haven’t received any order within last month. Please visit my gig and point out some weak points of my gigs! Thank you!


@pure_service Hello, sorry to hear this. It might be that they remove them due to the age of the reviews if you have been inactive so you could ask customer support about it.

It does say you have 21 reviews at least.

That screen capture needs to be uploaded using the little icon that is the seventh from the left where you write your message.

I don’t think links to our gigs are allowed on the forum except in the “my gig” section so your post might be flagged until you remove that.


@misscrystal is correct, :blush: you did create your post under the incorrect category. Therefore, I have moved your post to “Improve My Gig” category where it is permissible for others to offer suggestions on improving your gigs. :slightly_smiling_face:


@misscrystal Thank you for your reply! I asked customer support about 1 month ago, but they said it’s a technical issue, so they need time to fix that. It’s not fixed yet :frowning: That’s why I post this; to get a clear idea about what happened to my reviews :confused:


@vickiespencer Thank you for your support :slight_smile: