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Fiverr is not fair

i wont blame fiverr for this but i dont understand, why there are some seller who start to get orders a day or even an hour after they create gigs and yet there are people who join fiverr and became a seller since 2016 or more still struggle for sells. i mean i bet the top rated seller or seller who got sells so fast has a secret method that they won’t share to us. the system here its kinda weird…


Yeah, it’s called selling :poop: that people want and doing it well.


It depends what you mean by fair.
If “fair” means people get what they deserve/earn then Fiverr is pretty much the same as the rest of the world.
If “fair” means everyone should get what they want when they want it without any effort then no, Fiverr is definitely not “fair”.

No secrets, there are lots of posts to help people. In fact someone put all of them in a neat (albeit long) post for convenience as most new sellers are too lazy to search for useful posts.


Yeah, that’s right. Let me disclose one of the secret, HARDWORK! :nerd_face:


Hey there everyone, i just wanted to share an experience i had with fiverr.
i think fiverr is fair. i have the feeling that when you are online a lot and show you care and be active you will get higher rankings. also i started in may and getting some sales now. thats because i make voxel models and there are about 4 people that do it! just pick an original market to sell your service on. after that i started getting orders for my other gigs because i had good ratings for the voxel one.

thank you for reading and i think fiverr is fair. just work hard and be online. also deliver fast but good

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Well, a chunk of people blames it on the mystical beast called the algorithm. :no_mouth:
Oh, and another thing, people look at TRS like it’s the best thing since sliced :bread: bread. It really isn’t!

As for reading that long post, Paul put together, I’d recommend pouring yourself a cup of coffee. :coffee:

It’s going to be a long read!


It’s not fair that they provide the same platform with the same starting point (ZERO) for everyone?

Own your failures and successes.
Complaining is the best recipe to fail and stay in a bubble of self pity.


The ones who should read it don’t do it, because it’s too long, there is no magic bullet and it actually points out that they have to get off of their …

They want somebody who solves it for them, because they read on one of the millions of blogs out there, that it is an easy catch with easy money.

What is astounding to me is b.t.w. that the one question that is asked millions of time is answered over and over again by the same people with the same answer. I think the best way is to ignore them. This will motivate them to actually browse the forum for answers that have already been given.


The same crap regurgitated every day. :joy:

Let us face it, people DO NOT read, so sending them to topics that is 10-miles long. They can’t be bothered and will just keep it movin’. :pineapple:


That’ll be it - no doubt! :wink:

Or, it could be different people sell different gigs, have different methods of marketing, speak differently to buyers etc. etc. because we’re all - different!

I’ve always wanted to be six feet tall, but that’s not going to happen - how unfair. :slightly_smiling_face:


But OK, @michaelardito
I will give you a glimp why potential serious buyers skip you as a seller.

Your profile description has too many flaws. You have to write “I” and “I’m” with capital letters.
After a period you have to use capital letters and you don’t put a space before an exclamation point.
How do you think that a potential buyer will look at you as a designer if you don’t even have a sense for the aesthetics that come with this very basic skills.

The next thing is that everything in the description revolves around what you want, not what you can provide to the buyer. Telling that your main focus is customer satisfaction doesn’t cut it. It’s one of the worst things you can put into your description, because it is what everyone expects and what is seen as a standard trait. If somebody has to use the most basic thing as an extra selling point, it only rings some alarm bells and has exactly the opposite effect.
Also, nobody cares about how many years you do something. All the buyer wants to know is if you can do the work. Show, don’t tell. There are people who work 20+ years in a certain field, yet they do it all wrong.
So if you want better results, you have to up your game.
You can of course keep blaming the ‘system’ of Fiverr, as taking responsibilities can be very inconvenient.


I can share my secrets on how to get to 6 feet tall for $10!


Hrm :thinking:

Interesting, what’s a good number? 24/7 or 7/11?


Amen to that. The best thing is the toaster :arrow_down:



hard work pays of, thats how it always work. not talking about the few people that get money from their parents. i work hard on this and try to make my own buck. i love this platform

@michaelardito sad to tell you that fiverr is not a ‘fair’ platform anymore after St.Level day, it’s more on a get lucky platform. The only secret TRS do not share is that “I got TRS because I’m lucky”. This is 100% honest and truth.

With all due respect, I disagree with that notion.

It’s like attributing getting a job in a company to pure luck.

Does timing play a role? Sure, me hearing about the hiring, showing up is also part of it.

But without my resume, my answers during the actual interview and my portfolio, I wouldn’t have gotten it.

So to end the analogy, just because you woke up one day and saw the notification that you got promoted to TRS, may seem like it was lady luck. It seems random.

When in fact it was an accumulation of many things, most of them had to do with your hard work and consistency.


Yes, that’s I considered as Luck too. No?
Woke up received an email from fiverr congrats you to become a TRS, it’s not luck then what is it? Imagine demoted from TRS and in 6 months they keep telling you that “You’ve been nominated to TRS” but always end up didn’t happen. Your analogy of hard work valid only if the TRS is automated by system, like met the requirement and your order reached a certain points, it will auto become TRS. It’s like a video game, reach certain experience point you auto level up. That’s no luck, that’s hard work.

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You are missing the point.

If your illustration game wasn’t on point whoever reviewed your profile wouldn’t have promoted you.

If you want to call that luck, then that’s fine too.

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The “hard work” aspect of TRS can be at least partly based on hard work, at least what the staff member doing the checking thinks is good enough quality work (and communication etc. if that’s part of it). While the selection of who is nominated is currently done with an algorithm (and which staff member(s) do the checking after a member is nominated may also be down to “luck”). While the algorithm itself can’t detect the quality of work apart from things like the ratings given.

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