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Fiverr is not Fiverr anymore [ARCHIVED]

There are way too many sellers on here wanting more than $5 Fiverr needs to fix this or we might as well just go to sites like ********.

This is my thing. I like fiverr. I have had some most good experiences and so not so good. I paid money for stuff that seems to be crappy stock photos and took them no time to get or already had. The site should be $5.00 if they want to charge more, they should rebrand. If I like a gig, I will come back and I will also do upgrades. The fact that Paypal is used, they are not allowed to charge a processing fee or Percentage since that is what paypal does and they can get into trouble with that. It goes against paypal terms of services.

Agreed! they need to do away with this 5 dollar for a job that’s worth alot more crap and let us earn what we are WORTH instead of slaving for crumbs…so yes i agree 100%…Fiverr does need to fix that nonsense QUICK…and if people want to be greedy and complain about no more 5 then they can go elsewhere

All Services START at $5.00, stop being cheap, pay what your seller is worth !

davidlustrup, the site is called Fiverr for a reason. If you do not want to charge $5 for a job, go to another site. You can always add gig extras to charge more, but services have to start at $5.

You can get a $5 service from anyone on the site, but if you expect more than a basic service, pay up! You really do get what you pay for.

so, finally got an answer why my gigs are not visible to the others. fiverr “preventing community against my services” im selling addmefast accounts and addmefast bot created in my own. If you dont know, addmefast ist biggest site sending million of fakes through all social sites.

But it is not a secret, addmefast paying big money to fiverr to remove gigs like mine.

Fiverr today is old whore which anyone can buy.

youtube, facebook, twitter does not pay them yet, so anyone can send fake views likes and followers to this sites. is not against rules.

they called themselves family friendly site. type word" sex"in their search tab.

u will see gigs presnts here for yeARS.

sending photos of feets to the fetishists

holding sign with your name being naked or almost naked

sexy dance video, almost naked

sendimg video of me taking a bath

Those gigs are here for ages. still alive

very family friendly site

its old whore which anyone can buy for a money.

anything left from oldfashion fiverr.

took my money and get out of here

heroicstallion said: There are way too many sellers on here wanting more than $5 Fiverr needs to fix this or we might as well just go to sites like osdesk.

I joined fiverr over 4 years ago. I first join just as a buyer. 4 years ago it was no different (other than look and features) than today. I paid $5 for basic service and if i wanted more than basic, I paid extra. So I have no idea what the OP of this thread is talking about. If he thinks he can find better service at Fiverr prices, he can look but he won't find.

Madmoo, I completely agree with you 100%

Emilyrose93 the 5 dollar gig should read " ill take the time it takes to read your request" only 5$ then you can pay what the job is WORTH by ordering the gig extras

To the OP, yeah let me do a voiceover for you that you would normally pay anywhere from 100 to 1000 dollars for — for 5 dollars…and while I’m at it, here’s a pint of my blood and my firstborn child…I don’t deserve to eat, and I hope your satisfied,…

signed “will work for crumbs”

I routinely sell my services for $100+ on Fiverr.

For this, the buyer will get, at the very least, 1 whole day of me working on their voice-over / video project or whatever.

Are there really people out there who will spend hours providing a professional service for just $5?

I think not.

I think buyers are confused here. All sellers have something that they are offering for $5. Whether it will cover everything you need that is a decision you have to make. You get what you pay for, even on this site. If you do not want to pay a lot up front start with the basic gig. If they have the quality that you prefer order more gigs. Some of the requests I see are horrendous. You cannot expect quality when you want 1,000’s of words written for $5.

@kjblynx I run a professional recording studio complete with green-screen.

The equipment cost over $20,000 the ongoing costs are in the region of over $2000 a month.

This is what it takes to produce professional audio and video as opposed to something somebody records in their home.

Now do you see why my charges are what they are?

Fiverr is my main and only job.

If people want to spend $5 with me they can. If they want more audio or a longer video, they have to pay for that.


I don’t know if this is what the original poster was talking about, but I will say that, in my experience, I have come across gigs that DON’T have a $5 option. Some say “This is not a $5 gig” on their gig page, or whatnot, while others infer it from the description. Such people abuse the system. Always pay someone what they’re worth, but said person should go elsewhere if they don’t offer anything for $5.

This really should extend to titles–when you see “I will draw a comic page for $5”, you naturally assume said person will draw a full page for $5. If their gig description says they’ll draw a full page only with gig extras, you know the title lied. And I know there are some that lie without even looking at the gigs (like “I will draw your graphic novel for $5”, which is ridiculous–if you’re seriously offering $5 to draw a whole graphic novel, consider raising your rates because there’s no way you are being adequately compensated). It can be frustrating to try sifting through gigs like that, rather than being able to rely more on the actual title to know what to expect to pay (and therefore not even bring up a gig you can’t afford and just get disappointed at the description).

But gig extras are all good to me, for sure. If you didn’t notice, I look for comic art. If someone wants to charge extra for color, I accept it. Same with other things (like a more detailed page, more panels, etc.)–but the basic gig should be there for $5 and I personally prefer it to be readily seen from the search function (or else, someone who doesn’t do a full page for $5 could at least say something more generic like “I will draw comic art for $5”).

Reply to @shastab24: I can see why the title thing is frustrating but at the same time it is a freelance site that has a lot of sellers doing a lot of work for basically no money so having a somewhat misleading/catchy title can’t be too frustrating you know? The titles don’t get me as much as the sellers who steal other seller’s work, pictures, videos, and even pretend to be random people they’re not by using google image/instagram photos as their profile pictures. Now that is unethical and really ruins a seller for me.

Reply to @shastab24: Fiverr only allows so many characters for the title so you can’t give every detail of your services in the title. Best to read the gig description.

Reply to @steveeyes: Well, yeah, I was expressing an annoyance and a preference there. I understand why it’s done. The big problem is the people who don’t offer $5 gigs at all, but now that I know it’s against the rules, I feel better about it.

There are also those fun people that mention in their gig description that their gigs start at $10/$30/whatever, who are quite annoying. I did contact one and was told that they DO offer a $5 gig. I just don’t like that it wasn’t even alluded to in their description. Granted, such people are invariably good artists and by all rights should be charging more than $5 for the work they put in their description, but it all comes down to what I first see.

Well, the matter is not with the sellers. But with people like you who do not want to pay what is worth for the service you take :-q

I was searching through some Gigs today (I’m looking for some more ways to help promote a Techno music album I released recently).

I seen one Gig, which was basically saying they will promote music (even though the main image for their Gig didn’t look like it had anything to do with music promotions). The description was very brief and quite lacking in details of what they do, but in bold and enlarged text was a line “You MUST also pay for the $40 Extra to order this Gig”, but then on that Gig page there was only just the one option to order the Gig for $5, and no “Extras” to be seen anywhere.

Did they expect me to order that same Gig, $5 at a time, for a total of 9 times (if I understood correctly, they were asking for $45 to order their Gig). There was nothing enticing or appealing to me on their Gig page that would make me want to pay them $45 or to even bother to contact them for more details.

I shook my head, closed that page and kept searching for some better looking Gigs that made sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kjblynx : Yeah, next time I see Gigs like that, I’ll probably report it.

@Madmoo : I think you’re right. That whole Gig didn’t make hardly any sense to me and they probably just copied it from someone else.