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Fiverr is not Fiverr anymore [ARCHIVED]


Well this is Fiverr. From a buyer’s perspective I really get you, you know… “waw… those folks will do anything for $5”… and that is true.

Each and every gig has to provide what they advertise they will for the base $5.

However, if you want something more, something more elaborate, you can choose to buy one or more extras.

It’s like going to McDonald’s and ask for another slice of ham.

Besides, there are some things that can not be done for $5, such as making a 15 minutes animation, editing a 30 min length video, writing 5000 word article.


Reply to @madmoo:

I have found a gig recently where they said “I will so-and-so, but NOT for $5.” Basically the buyers first need to buy the basic $5 and then add the gig extras to get anything done. Should I report this then?


It also depends on what kind of revisions you get for $5. Even after a lengthy communication session, you might have to revise once or twice to get close enough to what the buyer wants. When this happens, a buyer can essentially push the order back again and again ad infinitum, and you are left with the choice to do it or cancel mutually.

Once you’ve done one or two revision, you don’t really want to cancel, so the risk is high you just slog on. You have to realize what 5$ is worth of your time, including revisions.


Reply to @laughingcrow: It helps if you state in the gig that you only do one free revision (or two, or three, or whatever works for you), and if the buyer wants more, he/she should order another gig.


The reason why people go to China and India and all the jobs are lost overseas is because we are way over charged and the same work can be done cheaper elsewhere.

Why advertise that you will do the work for $5 and then want to change the terms of your post?

Then I can’t give negative reviews for those who cancel projects just because they want more money. I should be able to give them a low rating for their deceptive behaviors.

This entire site is BS and I will go elsewhere for a cheaper price for the same work.


Reply to @latino_marine: Many of the sellers here are from “China” or “India” - all over the world - so your criticism doesn’t make much sense.

It’s also odd that you’re a brand new Fiverr user and yet you took the time to make a post saying that you’re going elsewhere. Very odd, indeed.


its is the perfect solution


each and every day we are suffering wit this issue few new sellers are just copped our gig title, description, image as well without knowing what he or she have to do . i think its bit confusing for buyers if they order them by mistake or they will deliver the worthless product the buyers will never came back for the same service from us .


you can find too many sellers from that particular country may be they can do the jobs for you so i dont think you should move on from fiverr


$5 buys 5 to 15 minutes of my time. You want more? Pay more. Or hire someone who does it for less. If they do it well, great, if they don’t, hire someone else.