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Fiverr is not Fiverr anymore

Was the idea of Fiverr not to get a service for $5 dollars? Does this option even exist now? Or should Fiverr be called Sixer or Sevener now?


It was a nice idea for a while but Fiverr could not have been a serious freelancing platform if the option for increased prices didnt happen.

Things change


C’mon, you can’t force a seller to sell for a particular price.

Well as for me, if all cars can be bought will $5 or all houses built with $5, then maybe I will still stick to $5 for my GIG and maybe others too.


I am not complaining about that. It#s great we have upgrades. But currently you cannot buy anything for $5 because Fiverr asks you to pay a processing and support fee…pushing a $5 gig to $7. Why Fiverr when everything costs $7.


Yea, you are actually right.
The funny thing is that fiverr charge both the buyer and the seller. How cool is that? lol :smile:


I am not crazy about it either but the name thing is not a really valid argument.
They have not changed the name because that would require major rebranding (and @jonbaas is too expensive for them to hire)

Coca Cola no longer has cocaine in it but they haven’t changed the name as it is well-known as that.
Apple has never sold fruit of any kind and they have done ok as a business.

Because they provide a service to both; it is a good model though!


Probably because Sixerr or Sevenerr doesn’t sound right…it sounds dorky and doesn’t flow well…just saying. And also because of the rebranding.


Yeah, that’s true. My higher prices are probably why Fiverr will never re-brand themselves. I guess I’ll just have to take responsibility for Fiverr remaining Fiverr. :wink:


Where I live there are tons of popular small shops called 7-11 and they took that name WAY back because most stores closed much earlier and they were proud of being open 7AM-11AM. Now they are open 24h a day in most places and in others they have varied hours. I don’t know of any that close earlier than midnight. No one pickets out front with demands that they rename the stores “Varied Hours” or “Sometimes Open All Night.” Of course, where I live Coca Cola does still have coke in it. Wait, no, that’s just caffeine. :stuck_out_tongue:

@skyrocketnow - is your legal name really Sky Rocket Now? Do you own lots of rockets? I think you should change your username to “justthoughtthissoundedcool.”


That’s totally sad! :disappointed_relieved: You are right!

its a platform… we are just buyers and sellers within the rules…:slight_smile:

Still there are certain gigs that are available for $5 based on the work effort required. I believe that fiverr is more matured now.


Really SAD :frowning:

You can call whatever you want. who cares :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

the smart move now is to buy and and sell it later to fiverr when they will decid to change fiverr :slight_smile:

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Both already gone - maybe they thought of it already… :wink:

I checked the “WHOIS” records, doesn’t look like either is owned by Fiverr, but rather cybersquatters…


Or just folk who buy domain names. :wink:

I’m sure they could start similar websites themselves using the same model, but for $6 or $7?

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Hey! There’s nothing wrong with cybersquatters! Cybersquatters are the unspoken geniuses of the Internet. Besides, GDPR now makes Whois irrelevant in the EU. All the domain names I’ve added to my portfolio lately include my privacy protected as standard.

You would think it’s cost saving but GDPR compliance is a nightmare. Also, there seems to be an implication that sites should register with the EU’s ICO authority for 35 Euros. - Just so they can get you on their radar and fine you 20 million for what they interpret as non-compliance…


I’ve got several domain names for all sorts of things - doesn’t make me a cybersquatter - I just buy domain names.