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Fiverr is not Fiverr anymore!

So, dear Fiverr, many of us sellers have become quite a bit bored with all the “Fiverr isn’t Fiverr anymore” topics (hence, I created one more of those :wink: ), which got a special boost after the last service fee rise.

The solution? Rebrand! Too expensive, you say, Coke still sells under its original name and nobody expects to find coke inside?
Yeah, well, okay.
Then just give us some quick & easy argument to stop those pointless arguments and discussions.


“‘Fiverr’ refers to the $5 voucher every unique new customer gets as a welcome gift to be used on their first purchase (above $ x)”

“‘Fiverr’ refers to the $5 rebate sellers can give their 1000th customer on their purchase”

“‘Fiverr’ refers to the nostalgic dream of times long gone by that you could buy the moon, and get mars as a bonus, for $5”

Come on, give your ad dept. something fun to do already, or maybe scour the comments for something useful (and in that case, don’t forget to give the user whose idea you’ll use a $5 voucher for their next purchase… ).

Any good idea for a new Fiverr is Fiverr because … slogan? Please share. :sweat_smile:


Fiverr is still Fiverr because - @jonbaas is too busy to work on our rebrand at the moment.

Fiverr is still Fiverr because - it stirs up debate when the minimum purchase is $7, no publicity is bad publicity! (so says the social media expart guy we hired for $5 $7 last week)

Fiverr is still Fiverr because - we say so, don’t like it then check out our new “flipping the bird” ad to understand how much we care about your opinion.

Fiverr is still Fiverr because - wait, $5 + $2 is not $5? Are you absolutely sure? You must be mistaken. Why not buy an Excel formula gig to help you, it will only cost you $7.

Just to say, I am not a fan of the price increase but anyone who wants to let Fiverr know what they think of it should really consider what their argument actually is and put forward a realistic and informed complaint.

  • The idea of saying “but it’s supposed to be Fiverr” went away 2+ years ago when the 50 cent charge was applied to purchases so it is not a valid argument.
  • Saying "then I am going to Upwork, Freelancer, fiverrclone#34214 etc is not going to have any effect really. Unless perhaps you actually do it along with a large number of others. Threatening it will not affect the stats that they make decisions on and nobody believes you will go anyway.
  • Saying “but all the buyers are leaving” is also not likely to convince the Fiverr gods either - they have access to much better data than we have and can see what the effect is. If “all the buyers were leaving” you can be pretty sure that Fiverr would have made some changes or that they are at least aware of it so your uninformed conjecture will not make any difference.

:thinking: Then … bad publicity is …?

Agree with all your 3 points. A really good new Fiverr is Fiverr slogan to slingshot at angry birds “Fiverr isn’t Fiverr anymore” topics would be great, though! (Yes, I realize this one would go down with them. :wink: )


Fiverr should smile again.


Good point! I’ll show good faith and start. :slight_smile:


Not that I would want to see people leaving Fiverr, but to those people threatening to go elsewhere: I totally wouldn’t mind having more buyers- all to myself :wink:


What do you offer in your Gigs? “Bad jokes for 5$”?

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Fiverr has been Fiverr for as long as it’s had six letters spelling F.I.V.E.R.R.

Nothings really ever added up about the place. Get used to it or get lost.


Fewer sellers = fewer buyers. :wink:

Why not have a look for yourself? I wouldn’t mind the extra traffic to my gig. :wink: Also, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to make such a gig right?


I’m not entirely convinced about that. Buyers just want their work done to perfection and to their expectations right? Since there is no dearth of talent on Fiverr, if a bunch of sellers decide to jump elsewhere (for w/e reason), I am sure the buyers will be able to find an equally good, if not better seller to get their job done. From what I understand, it is the skilled sellers on Fiverr that far outnumber the buyers. Right?

Too kind.

I like your entry, though. If that’s not a good slogan, I don’t know what is, I might borrow that to cast at ‘Fiverr is not Fiverr anymore’ topics, unless it’s copyrighted. Oh, wait… :wink:

The “skilled” bit in that sentence is probably debatable.


I’m a buyer as well as a seller - the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

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Hi @offlinehelpers,

Fewer sellers = fewer buyers. :wink:

I think it’s not necessarily so. Maybe it can diminish but I wouldn’t say that much.

Can you please tell what’s the basis for your statement? :slightly_smiling_face:

Every Fiverr user can be both a buyer and a seller.

If the number of sellers is reduced by them leaving etc. then they can’t buy gigs either, so therefore the number of potential buyers is also reduced.

Can’t make it any simpler I’m afraid. :slightly_smiling_face:


If what you say is true, then a big downhill of buyers due to leaving sellers would imply that the biggest percentage of Fiverr’s buyers are sellers. I don’t think that’s the case.

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Yes, it is very much possible for a Fiverr user to be a buyer as well as a seller. But from what I have seen/come across so far, there are many people who choose to be mainly either buyers or sellers.

So, I was thinking that we will only lose a small fraction of buyers (who are also sellers), if the sellers choose to leave. The vast majority of Fiverr buyers (who are only interested in buying) will still remain intact.

But, since @offlinehelpers is far more experienced than I am, I could be wrong. And so, I will take what she says at face value :slight_smile:

P.S: Assuming genders was so 2017. Sorry for the slip up there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion thankfully! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m a girl BTW. :woman:


So thinking about this topic while perusing Buyer Request and looking at Fiverr’s recent ads and home page.
I have come to a conclusion.

Fiverr is NOT Fiverr any more.

And we should be happy about that.

Gone are the days when Fiverr shouted about being able to get anything done for $5. Now Fiverr talks about not dreaming but DO ing. Looking through the buyer requests, it seems like a lot of people have just not got the memo.
Time Waster - image
Absolute Joke - image
Dreamer -

Deluded -

So no, Fiverr is not looking like, wanting or trying to be Fiverr any more because people like the BRs above are the people who want cheap old Fiverr prices - they are the dreamers and delusional - Fiverr is looking for Doers instead.
People who know what things cost and are prepared to pay for them.

Vive la révolution


Hi, @eoinfinnegan

May I repeat myself from another post:

Buyers have their share of guilt, no doubt, but sellers feed them :rage: