Fiverr is not for new seller?


I am new seller in Fiverr. I have completed two order with five stars review. But now my buyer request is empty. Why?? Fiverr is not for new seller???


Yup, it isn’t.

Please wait your patience will be rewarded…


You need to be patient.


Just keep working! Promote your GIGs trough Social Media, find some groups, forums. blogs and show audience what you know to do and bring them on your GIG.
Like every other business, marketing is the biggest thing at all, if you have knowledge.
I m sure that you are receive more orders soon.
Wish you all the best on Fiverr! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. I will try my best.


Hello, I’m a new buyer too, but I will give you some advice:

Getting orders is not that difficult. The key thing to do if you’re a Fiverr newbie (Like me) and you just created a bunch of new gigs is to sell yourself short, over-provide and offer something outrageously more than what someone expects for only $5.

Bear with me here, I know it sounds counter-intuitive but I will explain.
If you’re selling, for example, a 100-word video testimonial (if this is the average for $5 on Fiverr), consider changing from 100 words to 500 words. Over provide and under value on all your services in the beginning of your Fiverr career.

Realize that once you start getting sales you can always change your Gig title, description and everything else so that it is back to a more
reasonable workload.

In the beginning, it will be too much work for a measly $5. You may even lose money for example by paying an outsourcer for 10,000 Twitter followers for $4 because you are selling that many followers on Fiverr for $5.

It’s okay. The whole point here is to drive a lot of sales initially, thus more positive reviews, and then bringing that level of effort and quantity down to something more reasonable

I already had my first sale, and now I’m implementing this idea, let’s see if it works.


Add relevant tags in your gig so you can have related jobs. :slight_smile:


I’m bothered about your title!
Every seller here was new someday.
I’m new too, didn’t complete my first month yet.
But I’m happy, what I get from here on my first month.
Don’t wish to become rich in one night. be patient.

Listen to Fiverr podcast, every successful story will inspire you


This is true, how was your first sale?


I got my first order in the day I joined, that was an incredible feeling. can’t explain in word :wink:


Oh, that’s wonderful, mine was the first week, since that I have been optimizing my gigs.

Please, could you give them a look and tell me what you think about?
I’ll attach the link if you want to.


Your gigs are perfect. but the average response rate is 1 week+
be active. you will succeed :wink:



Well, this is an issue, I always response in time the messages, but still this appears like it does 1 week+. Don’t know how to fix it, I’m going to send messages to users… Maybe that would help.

How can I look your gigs?


Sending unsolicited messages is spam. It’s a very quick way to get your messaging disabled.


don’t message buyers without reasons.
it’s against sites policy and TOS. your ID may get banned if buyer complain.
You better contact Customer Service to deal with your response rate.
Visit my profile to see my gigs here:


oh hahaha Thanks for the advice.


close your account and wait until you become an old seller.


Look at the Level 2 or Top Sellers on Fiverr. They started out new on this platform (no ratings or reviews). So, my point is there’s room for us new sellers to plant a seed and grow. It will take time and effort, so don’t expect things to happen overnight.


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@nikavoice let them know, we are coming to reign the kingdom :sunglasses::innocent::hugs: