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Fiverr is NOT Fun

Now seller asking for 5 days to deliver work that was scheduled to take 1 day… I am beyond fed up with this.

Horrible experience. Never again.

This experience is between you and your seller. It has nothing to do with Fiverr as a whole. Don’t use your own bad experience with one seller, as a reason to define all of Fiverr as a bad site overall.

If you get fed up with a seller you can cancel the order. Fiverr has great sellers too.

I really don’t understand how this happens. From what I have read on this forum, the majority of buyers who have problems with sellers are buyers who haven’t had work delivered on time and in almost every case bigger problems have then snowballed on from this.

If I was you, I would simply cancel this order and approach someone else before you end up with work which is of an inferior standard to what you were looking for.

Sorry were you expecting clowns, balloon animals and bouncy castles? Just cancel the order, do some research and find someone that can deliver your gig in your time frame, chances are you didn’t really need it in one day anyway? LOL.

I am having a similar experience. I bought “likes” for my new business FB page and they were supposed to be delivered in one day. It’s been 6 days now and absolutely nothing, no traffic from him. I have tried cancelling 3 times now as he marked the order as complete after one day, I queried that and was told to “relax”. He won’t let me cancel my order and hasn’t delivered either. I haven’t had a bad experience on here before this clown.

I apologize on behalf of the seller for your frustration. I’m sorry you have not had a pleasant experience. I hope you will try again with another seller. I am sure they will provide a better service and experience.

Are you aware that buying likes is against Facebook’s Terms of Service, and that Facebook could delete your page for that?

If the seller isn’t delivering and doesn’t let you cancel, contact Customer Support, and they will cancel the order for you.

I dont understand why any sellers WANT to be bad. There is so much competition here so you have to be a GOOD Seller to make money. Hopefully if this seller carrys on like this Fiverr will chuck them off.