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Fiverr is not giving other payment method options

Every time when i placed any order, the available balance is my first payment option and there is no way to surpass this.
I am video editor on fiverr if my client has some other requirement then i have to give order to another seller but at that time fiverr didn’t give me other payment method option. It is deduct money from my available balance only. It harms my monthly balance. I have to pay instalments per month. If i request to fiverr support then there is no responsible behavior or reply. We do hard work and we pay 20% to fiverr but after doing this i don’t have right to use my money according to me.

Is there any other way?

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Using your Fiverr Balance

If you have funds in your account balance, they will be automatically applied to your next purchase. If the purchase is for a higher amount than what you have available in your balance, you can use another source of payment to complete the purchase.

The above is from the Help Centre.