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Fiverr is not helping me getting buyers

Dear Sir,

I have well furnished my gigs. Still I am not getting buyers. I want to get more buyers and work in this platform.

Please share your experience.


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Congratulations. You joined Fiverr March 2018 and you have one good review already. Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips on getting orders using Buyer Requests and promoting your gigs. Also be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a little tip - do not address your buyers as “Dear Sir” as that will put many female buyers off.


Hey, did you know that it’s not Fiverr’s job to help you get buyers? You’re supposed to do that part on your own.


Modesty and the ability to solve one’s own problems are still valuable.
Just as empathy has value.

Your headline: Maestro.

And below, in your description: I am a jack of all.
With a clear full stop after “all”.

A description of one of your packages:
Your very despised work mostly menial, I will do. This is a very cheap deal.

The title of one of your Gigs:
I will do what you do not want to do.


it is our business we have to make it work fiverr only assist with training and payments we have to do the marketing.

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@jonbaas Your opinion? :slight_smile:


My experience is that, if you want orders, you are going to have to EARN them. What are you doing to reach out to your target customers? What are you doing to market and promote your gigs? Or are you expecting random people to randomly find your gig, and place random orders just because you want sales?

You might think you have great, “well furnished” gigs, but what are you doing to tell people about those gigs and the services you offer? If you’re not going to do any work to be seen… then you really don’t want any orders, because great sellers, with many orders, take the time to market, promote, and reach out to the people who need their services.

Please take responsibility for your own success, instead of expecting other people to do it for you.



Didn’t get your opinion correctly.
Are you saying that I am not modest enough?
These are just some techniques we use to get buyers.
But they are not helping me to get buyers. That means there are more inclined here than just the marketing tools. I need to know how fiverr works to get buyers see my gigs.


Thank you… Your reply was helpful.

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He isn’t calling you out for marketing techniques. He’s saying you should revise your gig to be more grammatically correct.


The way you phrase your skills isn’t tasteful. Yes, you want to sell yourself to buyers but overdoing it makes you appear somewhat unprofessional. Have examples in your gigs that back up your work and your work will speak for itself (and eventually reviews).


Also, it isn’t ours or anyone else’s job to help you get views and Fiverr certainly won’t help you do it. People are here to give advice which isn’t something any of us have to spend our time doing. We all take our own initiative to get buyers to notice us ad we all work hard in doing so. Work hard, and results will come.


In my opinion you have a tone that exudes contempt for the reader in every possible way.
The customer may be not always right, but should be treated with less disdain.

Law 19: Know who you’re dealing with – do not offend the wrong person

As for the expression Jack of all it should be “Jack of all trades” but you should never define yourself in this way. It’s not a positive definition at all.


“Jack of all trades, master of none”.


Exactly…Jack of all trades means you can do anything…but it means you can do anything but nothing that well.


You have to work really hard bro. Don’t miss use the 10 Buyer Request try and much to utilize it. Let your Buyer Request that you send me Convincing to the buyer. Am luck under 3 weeks I join fiverr I made up to 4 sells. Just work hard.
Best of luck.

How do I make buyers request?
Can you please tell me?


What works for me may not work out for you. For me I have a good and convincing message I do send. So try and make your message a little bit convincing.

If you type “how to write a buyers request” in the search bar above you will find lots of helpful posts on the subject.

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how to promote our gigs because there is not such option to see buyers orders we sellers can not reach them so how to promote and do marketing for our gigs???