Fiverr is not job worthy anymore


I had joined fiverr about one month ago. But i don’t have any order and not a single inbox message for service enquiry. I feel that fiverr is not good for earnings anymore. I have gigs of many different categories and i am masterpiece in writing designing marketing advertising etc


Been making my living on Fiverr for over a year now and I must say I live like a King. Therefore, in short - I’d have to disagree.

I believe you’ll be better off at trying to improve than blaming the system for your lack of success.

Good luck.


What else i can do?
Please tell me


Hi @smartgem,
I have to agree with @richardbloch. Fiverr is so nice place for working and worth.
I think that you need to check your description, titles, GIG description. Try to find the perfect keywords for your profile/gigs/business.
Also, try to make something better for GIG first image, especially for Logo design GIG.
There are few options more, like a video presentation of your GIG.
Social media, blogs, forums and other promotions.
A lot of things to improve your profile and orders just come to you.
All of this could be possible if you work a lot on Fiverr and your promotion.
I wish you all the best in future and more and more nice orders. :slight_smile:


Joined fiver late February and I completed 39 orders today. Still you think Fiver is not a good place for sellers / earnings ?


This answers why your writing gig doesn’t sell. Your gig description is full of grammar mistakes. Drop this gig and focus on something that you’re good at.

Secondly, you offer a gig “I Will Spy Your Lover Or Crush Through Mobile Access”. In the gig description you’re saying that user will need to install spyware and you will access someone’s account.
SERIOUSLY? :rage: For this alone you should be banned from this site.

You get no sympathy from me. I hope you’ll never find buyers for this gig.


From your gig:
i am a professional relationship adviser with have experience of 4 years

and in this gig i will spy your lover and crush

Sounds like you’d offer great relationship advice!

Maybe better try something else?

Edited to add - why do you refer to ‘the lover’ as her - wouldn’t you offer your service to somebody who thought their male lover was cheating?


Let’s see how long it takes for CS to delete that gig


Wow - Fiverr provides opportunity for success. It is up to each member to develop their work, ethics and community support.

I am surprised to hear a comment; “Fiverr is not job worthy anymore” — this coming from a gig that needs a total edit and possibly a decision to abandon.


Cooldown :sunglasses: it’s still one month you joined Fiverr. i’ve get my first customer after three months i’ve joined Fiverr.
different seller different strike of lucky :grin: just prepared your Gig as best as you can and stay cool :baby:


Yeah same… I received my first order after 3 months on Fiverr… i am receiving constant​ orders here. You are not professional in any sense. You can only satisfy yourself with this term. Other users have mind… they know who is right for their jobs. So give time on your gigs… proofread​ them.


@richardbloch, I couldn’t be more agree!



You need to work hard here.

Keep patience.


I suggest you check out this phrase:

You offer lots of unrelated services.Your profile looks like the definition above. It is like you searched out “Easy ways to make money on Fiverr” and created gigs for all those services. This is a rubbish way of trying to work and why you won’t get anywhere like this. Why would someone hire you instead of the people who specialize in each of those services.

As for your spying gig - frankly, I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending you anything or even contacting you. If you believe that a spying service like that is ok then who knows what else you may be up to.


Just by reading your short post up there it’s clear that you shouldn’t be offering writing gigs.

It seems like people have already chewed you up and spit you out so there really is no point in me rubbing salt into your “wound” but still, I have to say this.

Use your OWN image. That caricature in your sample image belongs to a woman named Akanksha Mhatre.
Excuse my language, but “masterpiece” my @$$.


From your content writing gig description:

copy escape passed

I hope you remove the writing gig. I think that would help you, to not offer that, as it seems that you are not the expert you claim to be and that might be making people stay away.

This on your profile also sounds strange:

a Credulos Shop of Service


Fiverr is a goldmine, you just need to have the required skills


Just take it easy my friend and wait.
It will go like magic :slight_smile:


Ha ha, Its not even a month you have joined fiverr and you are expecting earning from fiverr, give it some time. You know it took me 3/4 months to make my first sale, now I am earning around $1000 per month. Its not only job worthy its much more than JOB. Be patient, you will earn too.
All I can say about your logo designing gig is shorten your delivery time(24H), you are a new comer, so obviously you have to offer more than other seller, and deliver as much as possible like 2 logo concept with free vector file. If you keep your delivery time 3 days why should anyone buy your gig? Think about it and change accordingly.


Waiting and taking it easy is not necessarily what a new Seller in such a competitive marketplace should do.

Offer twice as much as others for the same rate in the beginning, work hard, get amazing reviews and show your worth would be my primary advice.