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Fiverr is not protecting sellers

Hi, I’d like to share my experience with bad buyer as as others did before about similar problems.

I had one customer who asked for a job. I deliveried it and he asked for more “or I will not accept the delivery”. I told him that I could help him but he should ask it “please”, not demanding, because that part was not in the gig description.

I did it and again he asked for more. I contacted for custom service and that’s what I got:

Then I explained to the support guy that you expect from Fiverr some kind of protection. If you deliver and that’s ok, you cannot be working for free once and once again just for not to lose your job, your money and also have a cancellation penalty.

And no way. “I understand your frustation, I’d be the same, you did a good work, but we cannot force him to accept. If you wish, I can cancel de order”. And yes, you can cancel but I’ll lose my money and I’ll get a nice penalty on fiverr.


In fact, the customer sent me one message which was not for me and he was acting the same with another seller.

Finally, the customer got what he wished and he had not hired. I must say than when I do a disavow job I never let the customer alone and I help my customers with they google requests until they get approved again. The gig is a disavow job; asking for google to remove the penalty is not included, but I do it if the customer is polite asking for it.

How did this finished? After two months of demanding and blackmails, the customer site finally got approved again and how he is happy. And I have had the worst experience in fiverr by far.

Not only for the customer. The worst part was the fiverr response to my requeriments.

That means that one customer can hire you and he always will get a refund if you don’t do WHATEVER he demands even if it’s not in the contract. Or you can cancel, of course, and lose your money and your fiverr rankings.


Sales in here are a contract. You offer something and set up a price. If the customer accept, both of you must comply with the agreement and WITH THE CONTRACT.

But there are not consequences for bad buyers.

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Hello, it’s a bad situation you were in. However, it is not fiverr’s job to handle your clients. No matter how bad they are, as a seller it’s your job. I’m not unsympathic, because as a seller I’m sometimes in the same situation. And I know it’s my job to handle it.

When they say they can’t force a customer to accept it, they mean they stay out of it. You can insist that a customer pay you by refusing to cancel. Or you can cancel it. Those are your choices.

You could tell CS you are not going to cancel the job because you did it perfectly. Then you can continue to refuse to cancel no matter how long it takes.


You are wrong. If fiverr takes the money before the order is finished, that’s to be sure than the contract is respected: the job is done and the money paid. If not, contract is broken. I don’t have the private data of my clients so I could denounce them if they don’t accomplish the contract.

What am I wrong about?

You got paid for the job. And you got a good review. You won. AND you got a tip! I’m not understanding what’s wrong here.


If there are 24h after the deadline and you have not deliveried or it’s under revision, the customer will receive one email saying “you have not the job done, click here and cancel, and get your refund”. With no more questions.

You have done things correctly and have a happy client, a good review and got a tip. It’s over. Congratulations, you did a good job.

I got the job accepted because I accepted to do everything he wished for two months, because I didn’t wish a penalty for cancellation. I did not win if I worked XX hours for this guy for $80, under blackmail preasure.

Welcome to the world of being self employed.

No one can hold your hand and act as your protector. You did good and should be glad it’s over.

I agree that we should be able to cancel without a penalty in some situations but since that is not the case we all do the best we can. You could have said no to him nicely and explained that you did what was agreed. We all get these types of clients at times but fortunately it’s very rare.

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Have you gone and blocked this client so that they cannot order from you again? You may want to do that.

While I sympathize with your situation, as Crystal said, this is a part of being your own boss - and Fiverr sees it that way as well: YOU have to handle all communication and resolve issues with your buyers. Only thing that CS agent could do was cancel the order for you. CS is not there to intervene or talk to your client - that is your job. I know that may be annoying, but, Fiverr expects the seller to figure out how to run their business, and expects you to resolve any issues between you and your buyer.

Even though you gave more than what they paid for, just move past this experience. It may very well happen again with another client - that is just how it is in the world of freelancing and self-employment. In the meantime, BLOCK this buyer from contacting or ordering from you again.

Sorry you had a rough go of it.



Excuseme, but I’ve been 20 years self employed, and always at least I have had the option to denounce for a customer if he has not paid me when I deliver a job, that’s not new for me.

If we are here on fiverr that’s because we have one intermediary platform that retains a 20% fee of our work to to get in touch customers and sellers, and ensure that the contract is fulfilled for all, not only for the benefit of the client.

I’m not sure what you expected fiverr to do. I suggest putting the whole thing behind you.

You could have refused to do more than you had offered but instead you went ahead and did more. It was your decision.

Fiverr is not going to tell a customer what they have to do because that is your job.

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Your assumption that because Fiverr takes 20% that it means they are bound to ensure that the client fulfills the contract and pays you, that is wrong.

All Fiverr is is a platform where millions of people put up services they can do. Think of Fiverr as a billboard and you are just renting the space to advertise. They are not here to make sure your buyer fulfills their contract to you - you are in charge of making sure you can work out a satisfactory agreement if there is a disagreement about the work done - with your buyer.

Congrats on being self-employed 20 years.


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If I refuse, deadline comes and in 24h the client can cancel and I lose everything and I get penalized. I had two options:
1.- I let him cancel and I lose the work/money he hired for initially
2.- I accept the blackmail.

I chosed one of them, them both are not fair for me and they are not in the contract we signed when we accept one order.

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I had a difficult client once and I kept delivering the order for an entire month while he abused the revision button. Finally he accepted it.

Refuse to cancel no matter what he says. And keep refusing. And keep refusing to do more than you said you would do.

You do not have to do whatever he asks. And you do not have to cancel the order either.

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it’s part of the game , there’s nothing you can do about it , move on

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Why allow them to do this to you? Say no, you won’t do more than they paid for. Tell them no 1,000 times if you need to do that.

Do not just go along with whatever they want. And then complain about fiverr not protecting you.

You ended up with a good outcome. I know you were in a difficult position. Yet you came out ahead in every way aside from being blackmailed. The decision was yours to make.


Because them can cancel with no questions and my approval 24h after of the delivery. And even in case I keep delaying it for one year, he has got the hired job deliveried and enjoyed. The end will be one of those:

  1. He’s got his job, paid his money and I don’t get my money because it’s on fiverr bucket

  2. He’s got a refund because he cancel after 24h of deadline, with the job done (but not extra job done)

He couldn’t cancel without your approval. Tell CS you did the job and will not cancel and they won’t cancel it. You came out very well. I do not see the problem. Sorry but you are the one in charge of all of this.

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Excuseme, have you hired something on fiverr and deadline came over?
If you reject and there it’s 24h after the deadline, you can cancel, unilaterally and without the need for authorization from the seller or fiverr.

And, even, If this situation you comment were possible, keep it indefinitely, he would have his job and I would not have my money, indefinitely. Which is good for him.

The sad truth is that he can take advance on that and click on “cancel” with no approval having a refund.

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So just deliver it again before 24 hours. And do that forever if you have to. You do not need to be pushed around.

In my case when CS saw what was happening they offered to pay me back if I chose to cancel. But I wanted HIM to pay! And he did.

In no way are you obligated to do what you did, which was more than he paid for. In no way are you obligated to agree to cancel.

I was in your situation and I chose to say no, he cannot cancel.

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