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Fiverr is not replying me and not allowing me to withdraw my money

hey guys i need to share something and expecting some good suggestion actually fiverr has suspended my account 2 months ago i was on level 2 and my fiverr gig was going on great but suddenly fiverr had suspended my account and they said please contact us after 45 to 90 days to get your money from the suspended account

and now am sending mails continuously from last 20 days to fiverr and now but they are not replying me i have $1000+ on my fiver account its been 2+ months they suspended my account and now am really frustrated that fiverr is not replying me and not letting me to withdraw my money now what to do? i lost my $1000+ or fiverr will let me to withdraw my money

my user was ank000

check the screenshot of my mails


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Reply to @celticmoon: first of all you are putting your imagine thoughts on me… are you sure that i had exchanged the email with my buyers? means how can you be so sure? i didnt say that i shared my email i just told that they suspended my account because i contacted some buyers well i was replying to some query of my buyers i dont know the actual reason why they suspended my account what they said i had to accept it i cant do anything in this. please stop imagine too much and if its against the TOS selling likes and followers and please ask fiverr to stop this service

Did you try to submit a ticket on Customer Support?

yes so many times they marked as solved on suppot and they didnt even reply me once

Reply to @rex000: There must be a reason why?

what reason? they told me that contact us after 45 days and now am trying to contact them than they are not replying

Reply to @kjblynx: But they are not replying so i sent ticket again and am waiting for their replies from last 20 days and still i dont think they are willing to reply me


Just a note I would refrain from using the Fiver Super Seller logo as your gig picture, as I don’t believe you are one.

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@Rex000 Did you sell “likes” on your old account, the one that got suspended? Because I see that’s all you are selling on your new account and that sort of gig seems to be the subject of many complaints (from customers who lose their accounts from using fake likes and from the social media sites which often consider purchased likes as breaking their terms of service). There’s a good chance the type of gigs you sell are the reason your other account got suspended…do you really want it to happen again?

Reply to @celticmoon: thousands of ppl selling likes and followers this is allowed over here thats why ppl creating the gigs of likes and all my so many local friends selling likes and followers on gigs and they are earning $200-300 every day… and my last gig was suspended because of i sent message to so some customers wat they said and they told me to contact them after 45 days to withdraw your money and now see am contacting them and they are not replying me this is all about scam

Reply to @kjblynx: well first 10-15 days i had waited for the reply but they didnt reply so i sent another ticket and they marked as solved my tickets without any reply

@rex000 I respectively disagree with you. Yes, Fiverr allows members to create gigs selling likes probably because gigs are not individually screened when set up and the likes gigs falls under the general “marketing” “SEO” or “website maintenance” categories which are huge and have many thousands of gigs.

I’ve seen many sellers of likes complain that suddenly, out-of-the-blue their gig was deleted by Fiverr, even after many sales. The main reason seems to be that somebody complained about their likes disappearing or possibly the affected website (facebook, youtube, etc) complained, so Fiverr became aware that a member was selling likes and manually deleted the gig. And people post on the forums all the time that they’ve lost their AdSense or YouTube accounts because they bought likes and got caught.

If you actually read the Terms of Service of many of those websites, they do not allow their members to artificially inflate their numbers, and that includes buying likes, whether “real” or bots (the usual method). Since Fiverr’s TOS regarding selling likes is not specific, it apparently is up to individual editors to decide whether or not to delete a gig. You can get away with selling likes with one editor, but not another. Hopefully Fiverr will clarify this issue because it’s cause for much complaint on the forums.

Just because you and all your friends sell likes does not mean it is actually allowed or is acceptable to other websites, or even the right thing to do. Personally I consider it cheating, but lucky for you I’m not a Fiverr editor.

You say the reason your account was deleted was that you exchanged contact information with a buyer, however I think you must have done something worse than that. People get caught doing that all the time and the only thing Fiverr does is demote them to a lower level. If they don’t do it again, they can move back up the levels again. You can’t repeat that behavior, however. That shows you haven’t learned anything by being demoted once and maybe don’t belong on Fiverr.

Sorry, rex000, there has to be more to why your account was completely banned by Fiverr, and it wasn’t just sharing email addresses with someone once.

And since you aren’t in the habit of actually reading the Terms of Service of website you are a member of, this is from Fiverr’s TOS:

:black_medium_small_square:Sellers will be able to withdraw their revenues from blocked accounts after a safety period of 45 to 90 days, depending on the reason, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to Fiverr’s approval.

You were supposed to read and understand this before you signed up on Fiverr. You are not being scammed.

rex000 said: my last gig was suspended because of i sent message to so some customers

Fiverr wouldn't suspend you just because you sent a message to some customers unless you spammed them or sent them off-Fiverr links (other than within the parameters of usage). OK, so you didn't give them your email, then I guess you spammed them. The point is, whatever you did was not a minor offense because Fiverr doesn't suspend an account for one incident of exchanging emails but they will if you spammed them. I didn't "imagine" this about you, YOU said it.

And if you understood my post, I said gigs such as likes are not specifically prohibited on fiverr (unfortunately) but the service IS against the TOS of most social media websites. So if there's a complaint from anyone, buyer or the target website (FB or whatever), Fiverr usually suspends the gig, no warning.(I know this because people have posted that this happened to them on the forums, and this doesn't happen to other sellers as often as it happens to sellers of likes). You had your whole account suspended, so I speculated that if all your gigs in the old account were likes, just like your new account, you might reconsider because that might be part of the reason your account was banned: someone complained about one of your gigs, an editor looked at all your gigs because now they are aware of what you sell, decided all your gigs were the same as the one someone was complaining about, and decided you didn't have anything else worth keeping on Fiverr.

But at least until someone complains about what you sell, I guess you can continue earning a dishonest dollar selling something that will lead to your buyers losing THEIR accounts when they get caught. Just hope your new account doesn't have $1000 when it gets banned, or you'll be waiting 45 to 90 days once again. IF Fiverr approves the withdrawal.

Reply to @celticmoon: anyways do you think fiverr will return my money? or i have lost my money? its been 60+ days

From Fiverr’s Terms of Service: Sellers will be able to withdraw their revenues from blocked accounts after a safety period of 45 to 90 days, depending on the reason, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to Fiverr’s approval.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what “subject to Fiverr’s approval” actually means. I don’t know.