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Fiverr is not responding to Clients comoplains

My Experience with Fiverr is a catastrophic one. A young designer has done a very very poor design for my website and whenever I request cancellation of order he is doing decline, I wrote many many complains and tickets, no response at all…a very poor customer service, once they take your money it is finished. my advice do not use this scam website. Fiverr a very big lie.

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Please remove the country name from your post as it is not allowed here.
CS is taking upto 10 days to respond due to the pandemic but they will respond to you. Don’t send them tickets again and again as they can consider it as spam.


Like other companies, Fiverr is backlogged with requests and may take longer to respond than usual. Fiverr is not a scam site as there are lots of hard working sellers on this platform. You may continue to request a cancellation from the seller or accept the order and leave a review of your experience.

If you wish, take a look at sellers that have lots of reviews on their profile in addition to reviewing their portfolio of completed jobs. I’m sorry you had a horrible experience, but it’s not fair to the hard working sellers of this site to be lumped together with the bad apples. Take a deep breath and try to enjoy the rest of your day.

Rare. Most sellers are A-OK.
Anyway, in any type of market place, it’s each buyer’s responsibility to be a prudent shopper.

I agree with you I am having similar issue, it is past due for delivery time and the seller keep canceling my dispute without any option to communicate with Fiverr support. seem yes when they get the money you are on your won …