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Fiverr is not showing my gigs. Period


Okay, I’m not here to rant about how I’m not at the top of the page when I search for my gig. And I also know your own gig doesn’t show up when you search (I’m searching logged out in another window). When I did this recently, some of my gigs would be at or near the top when you search general keywords and some more competitive ones would be pretty far back, but I could still find them. Now they don’t show up at all–I know it’s not just that I’m not seeing it right away - trust me, I’ve tried everything. Plus, one of the ones where I’m usually at or near the top only has one page of results when you search for keywords and my gig isn’t there.

I haven’t got any notice about my account or gigs taken down; you can still go to my profile and get to the gigs from there.

No wonder my sales have been declining the past few days. I sent a ticket to Customer Support but doubt that’ll do much.


Fiverr does not guarantee that your gig will show up in a prominent place in the search results. In fact, I don’t believe that they guarantee that you’ll show up in search at all. Fiverr is working on adjusting their search algorithm at the moment – that made an announcement about it a few weeks ago. Perhaps your order is part of this readjustment? Maybe, once things are updated to the new system, your gigs will return to a visible place in the search engine.

For now, don’t let it get you down. Spend some time marketing and promoting your gig wherever your target customers are located, and bring in your own gig traffic. It is unwise to expect the Fiverr search results to be the only source of sales for your gig. Find ways to control your sales potential, rather then leaving them to the whims of the search results. :wink:


Last days I’m busy with same questions (created forum topics etc.)

In your case in simple words your Gig now is less visible than before.
If the system simply lowered your positions it’s bad and CS doesn’t help in the situations.
BUT, it happened with me many times. The system keeps losing main Gig’s keys from search index.
Check (search) your main keys - if some search result doesn’t show your Gig tell it to CS, they will help to sort the situation. Breafly: Every Gig’s keyword (it’s not about keyphrases!) must show your Gig in keywords searches.


i am also not getting any impressions, views, clicks and Orders too. May be its only because of Fiverr’s search algorithm changes. Hope, things will on the track soon.


It’s better not to worry when sinking :slight_smile:
My Gig keeps sinking and nothing can save it without the WILL OF ROTATION :slight_smile:


My GIG is not showing also in relevance page.
I only can see in avg. customer review page.


Good advice here… also note that your search comes up in the country you are searching from… so maybe in your country you’re not being shown at that moment… but you might be showing up in other places around the world. You really want to check impressions and clicks. THAT’s where the real info is. It’s very hard to get accurate results from searching for yourself.


You are right. But it’s for seach as I see - not for categories.
And my browsers now show different results with cache cleaned. I’m lost :frowning:


What I meant was - searching is not a good way to see if you are showing because you only get search results for the country you are in. If you are located in the USA - you won’t see search results for for Germany. So the only really good way to check your searches is to keep track of your impressions and clicks. I hope that helps.


Your best gig is in the top row when I search on:

design professional google slides


I contacted support about this issue, and they give me general answer that I need to promote etc, but I insist that it’s all about fiverr updates that our gigs are not having more orders. Then, they reply to me that they are still making tests and changes and they finally accepted that because of these changes in site layouts, search tags etc… our gigs are not very well ranked even if our tags and titles are good.

For people that say that we need to promote our gigs:
I got 4-6 daily orders WITHOUT promoting my gigs, so how it is possible that now we don’t get orders? If our gigs are ranked good, we don’t need to promote. Beside that, I’d rather promote my services from my office than my gigs. Why should I make fiverr even more popular when I don’t know how long fiverr business will last ?
P.s I am just being honest :grinning:



Your best gig is on the 10th row on the first page when I search for
design flyer or poster.


I agree with you. External promotion is so funny idea :slight_smile: We are here for internal traffic :slight_smile: And so on …



Sure is funny idea.
I see that fiverr always promote in Facebook so why should I add campaign in Facebook or other social pages ? I can’t purchase $20 per day in ads and to receive one order for $5 which I will have just $4 lol.


Fiverr is not showing my gigs. Period

Fiver IS showing your gigs and I have tried to tell you why you can’t find them:

I have left several posts now about your tags and title which you have not read or not understood. I give up. FIVER IS SHOWING YOUR GIGS!


you’ve the patience of a saint @misscrystal


Thank you for recognizing that.


I feel the same problems on my gigs, please help us to out of this problem.


Hello, your second gig is showing under NEWEST ARRIVALS on the fourth row.

Your first gig is not showing but it might be too new to be in the search yet. Or it might not be a type of gig that fiverr wants to list in their search: I will create and sell email account.
You could ask customer support if that kind of gig is being listed in their searches.


I still am not sure why every person who complains has not been able to find their gigs when I can find them in search within seconds.

Maybe the problem is that you don’t know how to search for your own gigs.