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Fiverr is not stable for me

I’m trying to be a freelancer here on fiverr but fiverr keep sending warning again and again.
Disabling my account again and again.
When i trying to focus on my business, fiverr come with some issue. After contacting your support center with in 3-4 days i restore my account but Can’t restore my gig position again. To restore it I will need one or two month again.
When my gig is getting a great position, fiverr delete my gig or send false warning again.

Here are my Waring list…

Warning receive 29 OCT 2018 = misleading information in your profile.
Warning receive 8 April 2019 = misleading information in your profile. (profile picture is not real) (Verified)
Warning receive 17 April 2019 = misleading information in your profile.
Warning receive 16 May 2019 = using the delivery button to send incomplete, partial, or an empty delivery.
Warning receive 10 June 2019 = Receive warning for gig image not original (Verified and restored all gig)
Temporary Disable 22 Aug 2019 = Verified my ID (restored at 25 Aug)
Warning receive 30 Aug 2019 = misleading information in your profile.

One more time fiverr deleted all my gigs.
One more time fiverr sent warning but I can’t remember the date.

In this circumstance, i don’t feel fiverr is stable place to work.


Please keep in mind that this is forum. It’s sellers and buyers here, not Fiverr staff. We have nothing to do with disabling (or restoring) your account.


You should check you profile content.Don’t include any kind of Contact or payment Information.or any other external link which is against of fiverr policy.

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I haven’t include anything like you mentioned.

did you contact to fiverr support ?

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yes, i did.
they fixed all waring but my gig ranking is now near to zero.


I think, you need to read the Fiverr TOS because I am also a new seller and I have put everything original and unique content, I didn’t copy/pasted the text, not even misleading anything so I didn’t received any warning. You should read the TOS first that might help in your case. :slight_smile:

Fiverr shows warning to users who break TOS. Follow the TOS.

I already read and memorized TOS.

Then you why did you break them over and over again?


I’m afraid.
I did not break any rules.

You can’t add any links in your profile which is against of fiverr policy. Please check your profile if you add any kind of link which is against of fiverr policy.

What do you mean you didn’t break any rules? You told us all the warnings you got and why!

Well if you think your gig images and description is real then check it before publish. Great way to do.

after making gig images just search the image in google with google image search.

Write the description in ms word then check the plagiarism. There are many free site that check your content is unique or plagiarism just google it.

Then you will realize what is the actual problem.


Thank you so much for your valuable information.

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