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Fiverr is not the lottery


These days, a lot of new members/sellers think that just because they created a gig on fiverr they must get sales and money, i find a lot of new sellers on the forum asking how to get sales when they’ve only been here for a week or a month, they think : i’m on fiverr, you have to buy from me…

It doesn’t work like that, buyers are not robots that buy anything, maybe nobody likes what you’re offering, maybe nobody needs what you’re offering, maybe everybody can do what you’re offering by themselves…

Offer something special or something people need, think like a buyer.

Imagine that i create a gig that says : i will poop on my balcony for $5
then i come here and say : 2 months and no orders, help! or How do i get sales to my gig ?..

Think like buyers people, Fiverr is not the lottery.


I am a new entry, and I agree with you.
Today then I saw a lot of people that copies (steals) entire portfolios.
I hope there is somebody watching.
For the good of honest people and also to Fiverr.




I definitely hustled to get my first gig, and then I made extra sure my first customers were 100% satisfied. Fiverr is hard work, and even if someone steals a portfolio, they better be ready to steal their level of service, too, or they won’t last long.


I have been here for a while and I know how hard it is to get your first order.
I agree with you, fiverr is not lottery!


i have been here for from aug 15 but have started working just 90 days ago
i found that hard work respect and Original work is the only to success


the first 10 orders are hard to get :slight_smile: then the road to level two is not easy but also not difficult like 1 :slight_smile:


That was the truest post I ever saw!


yes everyone please check other sellers in similar services as yours. i found other accounts who copied and pasted all my information to theirs. if u see that contact fiver customer service asap, they were very helpful for me on issue like that


thanks, i been here a while , always here to help


Fiverr is for unique service offerings and that’s what sells.


with hundreds of thousands of Sellers and only so many characters allowed in descriptions it’s no wonder there are duplicates.


If you see any gigs that are clearly stolen/copied, please report them to CS!
I do it quite often, you’ll be surprised with how much “fake” gigs you run into everyday…


OP…you got to get rid of your picture…it makes you look non-serious. Use a simple professional photo of yourself.


Really ?


Now it’s good, I meant the old one :slight_smile:


Thanks, i changed it when i read your comment :smiley:




Yup it is true. Fiverr is not a place for lottery. Its a long time thing. One should Do focus on reviews rather than money. And ultimately after 2 years of hard work, Customers will be attracted automatically due to the customer’s satisfaction ad trust.