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Fiverr is not working!

2 Days ago I signed in & purchased a service. Worked fine. Yesterday the seller delivered my service & continued to try and contact me, each time I try to respond I get a blank screen. I can see the notifications from the app, as well as the website but when I click to respond or to view my service nothing shows up. At this point it is delaying my business endeavors. Please fix this ASAP.


I’m really sorry this happened to you. We are only sellers or buyers here and this is not in our hands. You should contact the customer support to get it fixed.


I just tried clicking on the support link & got the exact same thing- blank page. I’ve tried going about it in my iPhone, Macbook, as well as 2 other devices. I’m at a lost, maybe the website it down or having some sort of maintenance done, idk.

Here is the link for Customer Support:

This is working for me.


Thanks. I placed a customer service report.

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