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Fiverr is nothing but typical

Hi there all Fiverr sellers and buyers :slight_smile: it’s morning :sunny: when i am discovered that Fiverr have forum and blog community. It is amazing that Fiverr is nothing but typical. :smiley: I’m new in fiverr, I have two gigs and i would like some tips from my senior brothers and sister from fiverr. :slight_smile:


Good night. It’s night where I am, I’m new to fiver and I learning about forum and all that it has to offer. Hopeful I get some gigs soon.i would appreciate any tips I can get please and thank you


Here are some useful tips for the two of you.


Welcome to Fiverr! It’s a great website, been selling here for a total of 5 years now. You create your own schedule and best of all, you own your own business! My best advice to you is make sure you keep a 5-star rating for a long time. Be super nice to everyone and most likely they will become your repeating customers.

Great website, great support team, very thankful to sell on this platform.


Thank you for you suggetion and tips, I’m really :slight_smile: . first time i was confuse maybe im doing wrong…
Thank you again… :slight_smile:

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Thank you psychicbunny for you warm welcome. plz. Stay touch :slight_smile: ones again thank you. :hibiscus:

Thank you man for you’re company… Waiting for you future gigs :slight_smile: