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Fiverr is off the Available Now button ? Why?


Now new update Available Now button is hide. it’s new update of fiverr ?

Mod Note: Available Now was a Beta Feature. As far as we know at this time, it has been removed/discontinued.


They have removed it for all the sellers and there is no update yet, when will they re-enable it :frowning:


Hi, what is a now button? Do you mean availability green light?
Please clarify.


I think the OP is referring to the ‘Available Now’ button which was in beta testing but as @sophiascribe has rightly pointed out, is no longer available. :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you mean this one? It is still there in my account.



No - it was the image that looked like somebody had their hand up - it would have been just to the left of the one with the green dot. :sunny:


Well then, I have never seen that, Thank you. You know about fiverr so much


Dud… If you regular seller of fiverr you No about AVAILABLE NOW button is on top bar left side of Dashboard.


It was an amazing feature but it was not available for every seller out there. They gave it to some particular sellers only. I don’t know what was their criteria to allot it.


“Available Now” is a disciplined and time conscious guy. If you don’t respond within 5 minutes to any message, it divorces you temporarily :smirk: