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Fiverr is playing cheap tricks?

My sales have halved from the last moth. Fiverr is featuring those who have expensive gig prices even if they are new sellers (I saw many in logo design category) .ALL TOP RATED Sellers are not being featured. Has FIVERR ALGORITHM CHANGED ? IF that’s it then we should also increase prices.


Fiverr does not guarantee that sellers will be featured where they want to be in the search results. Fiverr also does not guarantee that sellers will gain any orders from the platform. It is completely within Fiverr’s rights to determine how their search algorithm works, and what gigs it chooses to feature at the top of it’s search results.

I am a strong proponent of sellers charging what they feel their services are worth. But I am also the first to caution those same sellers that you can’t just raise those prices and expect more income. You have to make sure that your prices are also set at the level your target customers are willing to pay.

You did research your target customers, right? You do know what they need, and how much they are willing to pay for it, right? You MUST understand your market if you wish to be a successful businessman/woman – regardless of the business – and yes, even here on Fiverr.

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Thanks for the valuable tips @jonbaas

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I have expensive gigs and my sales are down too so it’s not the reason. I expect it will soon go back up.

One of my gigs is a “fiverr’s choice” gig and it’s still down from what it was doing last month.

It goes up and down, so expect it to go back up soon.

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Same With me , My last month earning was great but this month no orders.

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Me Too, this month i got two orders only.