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Fiverr is playing mean & cheap games. FIVERR is DEVIOUS & EVIL

Fiverr plays very cheap & mean games that’s hard to believe.

Fiverr recently have introduced a new Level System. Our worst Fiverr experience is regarding this new level system.

We were on level 2 since past few years until suddenly Fiverr come up with this new Level system in December 2017 and we have been told to be reviewed for the next evaluation on 15 January 2018. We were totally cool with it as our Fiverr Performance was good and nothing to worry about. Then suddenly a client appeared from the same country I belong and he asked me to share skype id and said that he want to explain me things with detailed description over the call. So first I hesitated but then I thought he is from my country only and he only want me to describe things so I find it nothing wrong and gave him my skype id. Then over the skype he began to ask me if I had done any similar project for “Real Estate” he is looking for. So I saw him some of my best projects via screen-sharing and he liked them so much. Then he said that this is the exact same project he is looking for but he wanted us to work for him in 4th price than the actual project price. So we refused to work with him. Then also he continued send me screenshots of his talks with other sellers on Fiverr and told me that now I will give this project with good rating & feedback to this guy. Still we ignored him. And then suddenly he asked me to give that theme we used in our project to him for free which was actually so costly and besides it belonged to my client so I can not give him. So he blackmailed us to report us on Fiverr for sharing skypeid and we received a warning from Fiverr. We tried to contact the Fiverr support that they can check the conversation it wasn’t us who asked for the skype id but him. But as always they never support sellers. And as you all know to be on the second level we need to have 30 days without any warning from Fiverr. So we failed to meet this criteria and they dropped our level to LEVEL ONE from LEVEL TWO. We were so disappointed from their service but still we were hoping for everything to get better on next evaluation on 15 February 2018.

Then comes 13th of Feb 2018. We were eagerly waiting for 15th to get back to LEVEL TWO. But then comes Nightmare with all their mean games.

Our Order Completion Rate was 90% which is crucial to maintain on your LEVEL ONE as well as move to LEVEL TWO. But when I woke up in the morning they suddenly drop our order completion rate to 89% from 90% and we didn’t had any new Order Activity which could affect the rate. I was shook and contacted the support but as always they just send me auto generated mail and nothing else. But we didn’t give up and manged to get an order and put all our strength to finish it quickly and again get 90% Order Completion Rate. We sighed in relief. But they are the Mean Fiverr buddies and never spares anyone. So again when we woke up on 14th Feb, again they did the same thing, our Order Completion Rate dropped to 89%. I just don’t understand WHY? What are they upto? Still I didn’t give up and still we put all our strength to get new order and finish it really Quick. And again we got 90% Order Completion Rate.
But Real Twist comes when finally on 15th Feb, Now they have dropped our Order Completion Rate to 88%. WOW!! What a brilliant cheap games they are upto. I wanted to cryout loud. :frowning: and now I got frustrated :triumph: But how can I let the truth defeated by bunch of shit…?!! So I decided to fight back at this too… And I got new client and instead of a full order into one Gig I asked him to purchase several to get 90%. And he was so kind to do that. And we again got 90% of scale on 15th Feb before they start the Evaluation round as we’re in different timezone (Indian Timezone) then theirs. So we were finally happy to get 90% on 15th FEB as there will be no night between the evaluation to give them chance to reduce again the rate. But DAMN… Even though we had 90% score, we received the mail for a LEVEL DROP to ZERO rather when we were waiting for a level up to LEVEL TWO.

They don’t even care that this is not a game but our business and we feed our family from these. But why would they care.

FIVERR is so DEVIOUS and so EVIL… :frowning:

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Their level system has some problem. I know a seller who just earn only 40$ and get the 2nd level

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You’re pissed off that Fiverr demoted you, but since you broke the ToS by taking conversations off of Fiverr and onto Skype (Major violation, btw) and then you asked someone to break up an order for the specific purpose to manipulate the system (second major violation) I am shocked they haven’t banned you yet.

You also got a 4.7 instead of a 4.8, so of course you were demoted.

You broke Fiverr ToS numerous times. So I really don’t know why you are complaining.

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Indeed. If they can’t make a perfect evaluation system, why should they update it …? First find a proper solution then go for the update… :smirk: :roll_eyes:

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The system is not the problem, you are the problem.

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I didn’t ask the buyer to contact me out of fiverr. He told me like three or four times to contact me on skype that he wants to explain me things and show me things…

You shouldn’t have agreed to do that until you spoke with Fiverr CS and got clearance. You are not supposed to take communications off Fiverr without some notification to them on why you want to do that. YOU should have told the buyer that all communication needed to remain on the site.

YOU, not Fiverr, are to blame here. And, if you continue to make excuses for YOUR behavior, you will eventually be banned.

Sorry but that’s just my honest opinion.

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100% agree! Sadly, I see this all the time. People just don’t want to be held accountable for their actions, but are quick to try to hold Fiverr accountable for everything.

Let’s accept, the first was my mistake to agree with client without consulting Fiver CS… What about this three times drop in Order Completion Rate when I didn’t even had any Order Updates on those days… ???

What about your 4.7 rating when you need a 4.8 to be level 1 or level 2?

I am very sorry you got demoted, but it’s all about calculation. Why your completion rate dropped 3 days in a row is really simple to understand. It takes last 60 days for calculation, so on Feb 13. it counted orders from Dec 13. forward, while on Feb 14. it took only orders from Dec 14. forward, so if you had 1 order on Dec 13. it’s not calculated in anymore. :wink: So when your number of completed orders gets lower it also recalculate your completion rate. :wink:


But Matevzs1, that would mean that Xpertlab1 would be at fault for his own actions, and we all know that he doesn’t want that.


There isn’t mentioned anything about Ratings, we meet all the mentioned milestones.

But we do not have any order cancellation afterwards. In total, we have only 6 cancellations since 2013

Maybe you should read more, as you most certainly do NOT meet all the required milestones with a rating of 4.7